Commodore Roya Eskandari

Name Roya Eskandari

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 63
Sexuality Heterosexual
Faceclaim Shohreh Aghdashloo

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 176lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Roya is of short stature and slightly above average weight for her height. She has deep brown and enticing eyes, the kind that commands attention. Her lips are plump and full. Roya’s face shows her age - a career of sacrifice and significant losses giving cause to an array of obvious and unhidden wrinkles.


Spouse Afshin Eskandari - Deceased (March 2153)
Children Dr. Salam Eskandari, MD - Deceased (March 2153)
Father Hamid Hajar, PhD - Deceased (March 2153)
Mother Sahar Hajar, PhD - Deceased (March 2153)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Roya embodies a commanding spirit in everything she does. She can be a bit on the stubborn side though - it is often hard to change her mind once it has made a particular decision. Speaking of her mind - she often has no trouble expressing it, despite the risks of it causing trouble. Roya believes in being honest and true about her feelings and passions. She is an extremely hard worker and has dedicated much of her life to her service. Despite the significant losses she has experienced in recent years, her drive to continue her climb to the top remains at the forefront.
Strengths & Weaknesses Roya is an experienced command officer and has logged many shipboard hours in her career. She is well versed in flight-operations, diplomacy tactics and general starship-operations. She is very intellectual and strategic in her thought processes. Roya would be described as someone who could be very charismatic and convincing if the occasion calls for it. Unfortunately - she can also have quite the temper if provoked and has on occasion lost her ‘professionalism filter’. She has also become much more hardened since the loss of her entire family during the Xindii weapon attack - she is far more Xenophobic than she used to be.
Ambitions Roya’s ambitions have changed over the years. She had at one point been considering retirement, to focus on her family life and stay settled planetside - that was before the Xindi weapon attack and the loss of her loved ones. With nothing left besides her career, Roya is now determined to ultimately climb the ranks of Starfleet and obtain the role of CinC.
Hobbies & Interests Roya enjoys cross stitching in her free time, a hobby that she learned from her mother, often while listening to classical era music. She loves attending the symphony when on Earth. She enjoys reading both historical war non-fiction and fantasy-fiction novels.

Personal History Roya’s childhood was a privileged one on Earth, both her parents came from wealthy backgrounds (even considering the times). It was a time of immense change and societal growth on Earth during Roya’s childhood years. She received a thorough and formal education, with immense pressures from both of her academic-minded parents (both astrophysicists) to perform above average. They desired for her to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in academia - this did not resonate with Roya.

Throughout her childhood and adolescent years - Roya was infatuated with space. She would spend hours staring at the night sky, dreaming of travels and adventures. These dreams would manifest into a rebellious approach to her parents during her teenage years - Roya simply did not desire to follow the career path they had laid out for her.

Upon turning the age of 19 - Roya immediately enlisted into the Earth Cargo Service (ECS), much to her parents dismay, especially considering their desire for her to marry. It was not an arranged marriage proposal but it was clear that her parents desired her to marry her childhood and family friend, Afshin Eskandari. Roya had agreed to the circumstances under the condition that Asfhin respect her career path and not get in the way of her dreams of space exploration. He did so, and even joined her as a ship's physician upon his completion of medical school.

Roya worked her way up through the ranks of the ECS with ease, her hard work, determination and dedication to the vessels she served on becoming a credit to her name. She did eventually become pregnant with her child, Salam Eskandari, but her husband was the primary rearer throughout most of Salam’s life. Roya maintained her career trajectory within the ECS - and both her and her husband raised their child on board vessels for many years.

This changed when Salam teached teenagehood. Her husband desired for him to experience his youth growing up planetside, on Earth. Roya did not want to cheat her son of this experience and supported her husband’s position. The two of them relocated to Earth, while Roya maintained her duties within the ECS and maintained communication via distance and using all available leave to spend time with her family.

In 2135, United Earth Starfleet (UES) was chartered and Roya was recruited due to her experienced space fairing portfolio. Despite leaving the ECS, Roya remembers her final 5 years of commanding the ECS Constellation with fondness. She would serve as a strategic operations advisor in UES until getting a command of her own in Starfleet and serving as Commanding Office of several vessels with distinction until resuming posting at Starfleet Command in 2148 as a Strategic Operations advisor once more.

Roya’s son would follow in the footsteps of his father and pursue a medical education - this made Roya extremely proud. Despite her lack of presence, her son and husband were both immensely proud and supportive of her career. Of course both were happier with her placements planetside.

In 2153, Roya’s life was turned upside down when she lost her entire family in the Xindi weapons attack. They were vacationing in Flordia when the attack happened, in fact Roya was supposed to be there with them but had attended some last minute meetings at Starfleet Command the day of. It took much counselling for her to not completely have a breakdown - she took several weeks away from her duties but was quick to return to them, when she felt able.

Like some among the ranks of Starfleet - Roya placed blame for not being better prepared for the Xindi on the Vulcans and their ‘holding back’ of Earth’s development. She has held resentment towards Vulcans ever since the Xindi attack.

In late 2155, Roya assumed command of the UES Discovery NX-04 due to the start of the Romulan-Earth war. She led the vessel through some tough circumstances until its destruction in April 2156 - she was one of a few dozen survivors from the battle that claimed the vessel as well as two other UES ships.

After recovering from the injuries sustained from that battle, Roya was promoted to Commodore and placed in a senior strategic operations position in order to coordinate war efforts. She enjoyed this role for the most part but had gotten increasingly frustrated with the upper echelon politics of Starfleet Command. She also immensely missed the center chair and commanding a vessel.

The desire to return to the front-lines of the war effort and the command chair, came to a peak in January of 2158. She approached command with her wishes, desires and rather forcefully led them into placing her in command once more. She assumed command of the UES Intrepid and the Intrepid flotilla group - tasked with assisting direct war efforts.

Service Record 2114-2135: Earth Cargo Service - Various Positions
2130-2135: Commanding Officer: ECS Constellation
2135: United Earth Starfleet - Chartered
2135: Transfers from Earth Cargo Service (ECS) to United Earth Starfleet (UES) - Commissioned as Commander
2135-2144: Starfleet Command: Strategic Operations (CMDR)
2144-2146: Commanding Officer: UES Superior ACS-4 (CMDR)
2146-2148: Commanding Officer: UES Freedom (CAPT)
2148-2155: Starfleet Command: Strategic Operations (CAPT)
2155-2156: Commanding Officer: UES Discovery NX-04 (CAPT)
2156-2158: Starfleet Command: Strategic Operations (CMDRE)
Present: Commanding Officer UES Intrepid NX-07 and Commander of the Intrepid Flotilla