Lieutenant JG Raul Castillo

Name Raul Luis Venegas Castillo

Position Helm Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Raul is about average height, with medium tan skin, and a thin, runners build. His glossy black hair is usually kept fairly short, and is very curly. He has heavy, masculine features, with expressive chestnut brown eyes under prominent brows, a powerful jaw, strong cheekbones. He keeps his facial hair mostly shaved, with only a well-trimmed mustache and a light, chin only goatee. His neck is long, thin, and graceful, with a pronounced Adam’s apple. He has no tattoos, and only one small scar, in his left eyebrow that leaves only a tiny bald-spot to show it off. He wears very little jewelry apart from a thin gold chain and a golden sacred medallion to Our Lady of Loreto, the patron saint of pilots. He speaks with a surprisingly deep voice, with a Texan accent, and is left-handed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rogelio Martinez (53, Civilian Pilot)
Mother Isabella Venegas Martinez (55, Civilian, Painter)
Brother(s) Jose Martinez (34, Civilian Pilot)
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raul is an outgoing, eager man, with big goals, and the strong personality to see himself achieve them. He can sometimes come across as arrogant, and overconfident. When he’s not on duty, and is able to truly be himself he can often be found seeking out the nearest gathering of fellow officers, where he can be his normal social self.
Strengths & Weaknesses Raul is a strong willed, intelligent man. He has worked very hard to get to where he is at a young age, and has set himself even bigger goals to achieve, knowing that his strong drive and powerful work ethic will serve him well to reach any heights he sets his eyes on. He is, however, not free from flaws. Being raised in a highly traditional home he tends to be a bit macho, often refusing to ask for help even when he knows he needs it. He is also conceited, and can be overly flirtatious at times.
Ambitions Raul’s most driving ambition is to work his way into a command team position, and eventually to a command of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Raul’s hobbies and interests lay in the outside world, with sports, fishing, and swimming being his three favorites. Growing up as a child in a predominantly Mexican community shaped much of his personality, including his love of soccer, his strong faith, and his love of music and dance.

Personal History Raul was born on November 17th, 2130 to Rogelio, and Isabella Martinez in San Antonio, TX. He was their second child, his older brother Jose, 7 yrs. older than him, was already in school by that time. Isabella was a local artist, and a regular volunteer at the neighborhood Catholic Church soup kitchen, and Rogelio was a civilian pilot working out of the San Antonio Space Port , rated on multiple classes of vessel for in-system flights.

As a young child Raul was curious and liked to explore. He would often spend his days outside with friends, exploring the neighborhood he grew up in, and going on weekend trips to the river to swim and fish, or playing soccer. In school Raul was an average student, getting better grades than some of his peers but definitely not an all-star academically. His best classes were his phys ed classes, and history, specifically military history, and the history of Mexico, where his family originally came from.

After he finished his educational career Raul immediately began taking steps to follow in the footsteps of his father, and his brother as well, though in his case not as a civilian, choosing instead to enroll in Starfleet Academy as one of the earlier cadets in the organizations history.

For the following years he would be tested, and molded into a completely new man. Going from a green cadet, to an officer with the discipline and drive to succeed, and to represent Starfleet in the way they expected. His training at the Academy was extensive, giving him experiences he never dreamed of. The first time he was able to pilot a vessel outside of the solar system, during a training exercise in his junior year, was the most exhilarating moment in his life, and cemented in his mind that he had most definitely made the correct choice. A year and a half later, when he graduated, he did so with honors, and knowing that his family was in the stands to see it gave him a very strong sense of pride.

Within a week Raul found himself assigned to his first posting, as a junior officer in the flight control department aboard the UES Adirondack, an aging Daedalus-class vessel assigned to routine patrol and humanitarian missions. He would start out down in astrogation, learning the various systems used to collate star chart data and plot courses. From there, over the next two years he would start working his way up until he was able to take his bridge officer prep course and move into a posting as a bridge navigator. He would serve in that position for a further two years, completing a five year posting aboard the vessel. During that time he would show himself to be a competent officer, with a great skill for many of the different components of the flight control department, making his way to beta shift helmsman, and training with the ship’s chief helmsman to prepare him for a posting as a chief helmsman as well.

While on a run to deliver medical supplies and first responders to a colony world the Adirondack was ambushed. A Romulan Bird of Prey decloaked less than a kilometre off their port bow and opened fire with all weapons. At such close range the ship’s defensive systems were overloaded and the resultant damage to the ship was massive. With shields inoperable, and power systems across the ship crippled, the vessel was drifting in space, with massive casualties. As the Bird of Prey swooped around for another attack the ship’s captain sounded the order to abandon ship. It was clear there was no way they would be able to defend themselves against him, and with a habitable world nearby it made far more sense to try to escape.

It would be two and a half months before a rescue vessel would arrive in the system and evacuate them, during which time they lost several more of their number. They never found out why the Romulan vessel allowed their escape pods to make it to the planet, but every one of them would remember watching the vessel they’d served on for so many years collapse under the weight of its own damage and flare up into a miniature sun as the containment fields failed, unleashing a matter antimatter explosion that left nothing but scattered molecular residue.

Arriving back on earth another month later Raul found himself facing a debrief on the loss of the Adirondack, and then a new posting. The UES Intrepid, along with several other vessels, was seeking a chief helmsman as it prepared to head out. Under the command of Commodore Roya Eskandari, as part of the Intrepid Flotilla, her mission was to assist with the war efforts against the Romulans. Seeing the potential to help the war effort, and also to gain experience that would help to propel his career, Raul immediately chose to apply for the posting aboard the Intrepid. His application was snapped up quickly, and within a week he found himself before a review board, and finally assigned to the ship as her new chief helmsman, pleasantly surprised at how quickly the entire process had gone.
Service Record Starfleet Academy – 4 yrs Cadet I-IV – Flight Control Program
UES Adirondack – 5 yrs Ensign – Flight Control Department
UES Intrepid – Current - Lieutenant J.G. – Helmsman