Captain Mike Ryan

Name Mike Ryan

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Sexuality Heterosexual
Faceclaim Randy Orton

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Being a former Marine and having had a parent who as well Mike stays in top physical shape. He is muscular and can seem imposing. He has two tattoos- a Wolf on his chest and a tattoo of a dagger with wings with strength, honor, integrity, commitment written around it in Kanji.


Father John Ryan, Marine Captain (RET.)
Mother Beth Ryan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan can seem like an asshole at first blush. Years of service and failed relationships have left him protective of himself. However, he is very friendly and is a “fixer,” he tries to help everyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Loyal, friendly, intelligent
Weaknesses: is a fixer (sometimes tries to take on fixing the universe), can seem callous, workaholic
Ambitions Mike aspires to get command one day or own a practice on Earth.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, working out, avid reader, watching old movies, learning

Personal History Mike Ryan grew up on a military base in Dallas Texas where his father, a marine captain, was stationed. His father was an aviator for the marines and his mother was a home maker. All through growing up Mike was around the marine and naval aviators and, according to his mother, was developing an attitude as cocky as they had. He had many problems in high school because he always thought he was the best and never paid attention to his work, other than what he needed to just pass. After high school Mike enrolled at Texas A&M where he received an associates degree in engineering. After college he decided he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and at 18 joined the marines and graduated at the rank of Lance Corporal due to his knowledge of military tactics, then was accepted to the Force Recon branch. He was offered a commission because of his having gone to college but denied it because he wanted to work his way up and earn a commission. As part of that plan he enrolled in a distance learning program A&M offered. Within two years he had earned Sergeant and had been assigned as the Platoon Sergeant in addition to earning his Bachelors degree. His CO had taken notice of his talent and when a position opened up in Starfleet OCS had recommended him, and 3 month later he was selected.

Mike quickly made it through OCS, showing promise but a timidity at making quick decisions. Never the less, he graduated and boarded the SS Endeavor for transport to the SS Intrepid to take up as an Armory & Engineering Officer. He continued in this capacity until receiving urgent news from home, his father had been killed in a training exercise. Ryan took a leave from Starfleet to help his mother and to deal with his own grief. It was this that led to his change in career path, to that of a Medical Officer. It had become ingrained in Mikes mind that if the Doctors had just been quicker instead of triaging his father then his father would be alive. Ryan ended his leave and applied to the Academies medical sciences and was accepted. While there Ryan learned why his father had been triaged, having had profuse bleeding and a hundred Cadets with only four Doctors on site. While his father may have indeed been saved, the Marine Aviator was one of the more seriously wounded.

After medical school Ryan was assigned to the Bethesda medical center to complete his residency. Mike spent the next six years at Bethesda Mike worked did his general residency before deciding to specialize in emergency medicine. After finishing his residence Mike was assigned back to the Delta class SS Intrepid as a medical officer. He felt like he found where he belonged. Being on a warp 2 ship presented a lot of downtime during travel, however. He decided to enroll in a distance counselling program from a school based in San Antonio, Texas on Earth, Our Lady of the Lake University. He worked during his downtime throughout his time on ship. After spending 2 years on the Intrepid he applied for and was accepted into Starfleets command school. This caused him to have to put the last year of his degree on hold while he focused on that. It was a hard road, command school saw him reassigned every few months as part of his education, in order to expose him to other departments so he had the basic familiarization a commanding officer would need. Now, studies complete, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to New Darwin Colony. New Darwin was like nothing Mike had experienced, with the Daliwakin people and government living on the same compound as the Federation detachment, mixing together.

While on the colony Mike met Emily Galloway, the colony Chief Medical Officer, and the two hit it off quick. They began dating while Ryan took on his first duties as executive officer, helping to solve the ripper attacks. Several people had been murdered in the way of Jack the Ripper from Earth history. He, the armory chief and the CO eventually found the Ripper, an entity that had taken up residence in one of the Federation civilians on the planet. He and the CO managed to draw the entity out and trap it in a unique crystal formation on the planet. In the time that followed Mike settled into New Darwin, growing closer to Emily.

As they did Mike decided to finish out his degree and was able to do his internship on the colony. Once he finished his degree he asked Emily to merry him. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be as he had started working with the engineering teams as ship traffic increased and the need for engineers started to be in demand. This caused him to work long hours and eventually she saw him as a workaholic. After spending 3 years on New Darwin he started feeling the call to return to space. He put in for a transfer and was offered another assignment, executive officer on the newly refitted Intrepid, NX-07. He jumped at the offer and headed out to start his new adventure.

Service Record Recruit -> Lance Corporal 2136
Enlisted Training (Marine Boot Camp) - Marines
X Lance Corporal 2136-Dec 2137
1st Platoon Sergeant- Marine Corps, 2nd Battalion Alpha Company
Red.png Cadet 2137-2141
Office Candidacy School - United Earth Starfleet Academy
R-o1.png Ensign 2141
Armoury & Engineering Officer - UES Endeavour (Delta Class)
R-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 2142
Armoury & Engineering Officer - UES Endeavour (Delta Class)
T-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 2142-2146
Medical Training - United Earth Starfleet Academy
T-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 2146-2152
Medical Residency - Bethesda Medical Center, Earth

Lieutenant 2152-2154
Medical Officer - UES Intrepid (Delta Class)

Lieutenant 2152

Distance Learning Program - Masters Degree Counselling

Lieutenant 2154-2155
Command School (Training Assignments: Included stints in all departments) - United Earth Starfleet Academy
Y-o4.png Lieutenant Commander 2155-2156
Executive Officer (with some Engineering duties)- New Darwin Colony
Y-o5.png Commander 2156-2158
Executive Officer (with some Engineering duties)- New Darwin Colony
R-o5.png Commander 2158-Present
Executive Officer & Chief Engineering Officer- UES Intrepid NX-07