Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Harper

Name Evelyn Harper MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 9:42pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Sexuality Bisexual
Faceclaim Ashley Johnson

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 131lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Divorced – Nicholas Albert
Children None
Father Carl Harper, Civilian Psychiatrist, Earth
Mother Kendra Morris-Harper, Deceased
Other Family Lynn Lewis, Aunt (Mother’s Sister)
Kim Lewis, Cousin
Joshua Lewis, Grandfather

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eve is an extroverted introvert and while she broadcasts a big personality not many really get to know her very well. She’s opinionated, helpful, and always there for anyone who needs a hand. Born helpful and wanting to make those around her smile becoming a doctor was a natural choice. Only the few inner core friends know her worries and her life beyond the surface.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eve’s personable exterior generally makes her well liked and when a blunt opinion spills over generally received as a joke. She isn’t able to confide in a lot of people which gives in to a lot of built up worries and concerns from time to time. When she isn’t able to connect with a close friend, she sometimes finds herself depressed and secluded in her off time.
Ambitions Since being a child Eve has wanted to help people and becoming a physician was a great way to do that. She has obtained her board certification and is now qualified to run her own medical teams, facilities, and more. While she isn’t quite sure how she strives to want to do more for people around her.

Another ambition deeply tucked away was to have a family though due to a miscarriage and divorce they have fallen to the back of her mind.
Hobbies & Interests Eve is an avid swimmer and tennis player and enjoys keeping fit with these activities. She is also known to play a little basketball and when she’s feeling down or needs some alone time her nose is usually buried in a story.

Personal History Born in New York, NY Evelyn, known as Eve, Harper was born at a hospital where her parents were both on the staff. Her father a staff psychiatrist and working on research for a new theory of clinical counseling and her mother a resident in Interventional Cardiology. She grew up in an apartment building not a long walk down the road with a fantastic view of New York City and the Hudson River from her bedroom.

The hospital though was her second home her parents both involved in research and moving up and into hospital leadership positions. She was clearly pigeonholed into being a doctor but was saved from time to time by her father’s father who was a retired United Earth Army General who was there when the militaries of the various nations across the world united into one major planet wide government.

It was between her parents teaching her love of medicine and her grandfather’ love of service to his government and the Planet Earth that she decided to follow in the footsteps of both and join United Earth’s Starfleet as a doctor. Starfleet having been created when she was eleven years old was of immense interest to her and she followed all news from the organization avidly with the help of her Grandfather and her Aunt Lynn the later who worked as a civilian for the United Earth Space Probe Agency the parent organization of Starfleet at its creation.

Tragedy in her freshman year of high school reinforced her desire to be a physician when her mother died of an undetected disease. A disease that she studied and was an expert in writing about it and conducting experiments about at the Academy and in the Medical Academy eventually it being placed on the back burner during her internship at Starfleet Medical Center.

At Starfleet Academy she was lucky enough to be roommates with her cousin, Kim, who she’d grown up with as more of a sister. They managed to remain roommates for all four years of the academy and then split up with Kim heading off to the fleet after the academy as a communications officer.

During her internship she met her husband, Nick Albert, who was a civilian physician at the Starfleet Medical Center specializing in GI medicine. They were serious quickly, engaged within six months, and married on the first anniversary of the day they met. They were a strong couple for the first two years but after suffering a miscarriage their marriage became strained and Eve requested duty in space. During her time aboard the Seattle she received notification that Nick wished to divorce her.

Not wanting to return to Earth after Seattle she volunteered to be one of the original members of the Earth Outpost One crew. She was introverted by that point and outside of the medical staff really never got too involved with the personal lives aboard the outpost. She was often thought of as a loaner and one of her other colleagues recommended her for a psychiatric evaluation which resulted in her returning to Earth on her next assignment.

Back on Earth she was able to visit with family and friends including Kim who was on leave between assignments on Earth. She managed to make many friends in the medical facility she was assigned to and even began dating again. While involving herself intimately with others they tended to be superficial relationships and would begin to distance herself if she felt there was a chance that things were becoming too serious.

After a few years in an Earth hospital and wanting to get back out into the galaxy she requested duty in space once again and was assigned to the Intrepid as Chief Medical Officer.
Service Record JAN 2141 – Appointed to Starfleet Academy for Class of 2145, Pre-Medicine.
JUN 2141 – Reported to Starfleet Academy for Indoctrination Training, Fourth Class Year
MAY 2142 – Reported to Starfleet Medical Center, San Francisco, Emergency Medical Technician training, ER Technician Internship
AUG 2142 – Reported to Starfleet Academy for Third Class Year
MAY 2143 – Reported to UES Shipman – Cadet Summer Cruise
JUL 2143 – Reported to Starfleet Academy, Indoctrination Phase II Cadre
AUG 2143 – Began Second Class Year
MAY 2144 – Summer Break
JUL 2144 – Reported to UES Seattle, Summer Cruise, Bridge Watch Officer Qualifications
AUG 2144 – Reported to Starfleet Academy, First Class Year
MAY 2145 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, Commissioned Ensign – Released for Summer Leave
AUG 2145 – Reported to Starfleet Medical Academy
NOV 2146 ¬– Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
MAY 2149 – Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy, with Medical Doctorate, promoted to Lieutenant.
JUN 2149 – Reports to Starfleet Medical Center, San Francisco, Medical Internship – Emergency Medicine
JUN 2150 – Begins Emergency Medical Residency
JAN 2151 – Medical Intensive Care Elective Rotation
APR 2151 – Returns to Emergency Department
MAY 2153 – Board Certification in Emergency Medicine, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
JUN 2153 – Assigned UES Seattle, Medical Officer
JAN 2155 – Assigned Earth Outpost One, Medical Officer
JUN 2156 – Assigned Starfleet Medical Center, Norfolk, VA, Emergency Department Attending Physician
JAN 2158 – Assigned UES Intrepid, Chief Medical Officer