Lieutenant Commander Adjoko Olubunkonla

Name Adjoko Olubunkonla

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32
Sexuality Bisexual
Faceclaim Hope Olaide Wilson

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tiny, fit, but short. She keeps her hair back or up in attempt to follow regulation but maintain her hair. In off hours she can be seen with her hair down. She has a kind smile and the sort of cheeks that have people often assuming she’s an ensign or generally much younger than she is.


Father Deceased
Mother Dr Olaide Boakye (Professor – Xenobiology)
Brother(s) Ensign Kwesi Olubunkonla – (communications)
Lieutenant Jahi Olubunkonla – (Helm)
Sister(s) Nicolet Vittet
Commander Danae Olubunkonla

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly and eternally curious. Adjoko often comes across as younger and flightier than she is. She is prone to blurting out her thoughts and opinions without thinking about how others will react and seems to have no dimmer switch. She is all on, or all off.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Adjoko notices (and obsesses) over details and has the sort of brain that holds onto them until every puzzle piece has its place. She has often helped officers in other departments by remembering seemingly pointless things when they finally matter. She’s a brilliant scientist, always making connections and conjectures. Her attention to detail has a social component that has led many to find her empathic. She will boldly approach the suffering and assist in whatever ways she can.

Weaknesses: Adjoko is perhaps the worst liar ever to emerge from the human race. While it doesn’t make her physically ill, she is slow to think of lies and unconvincing in every word. Her connection to the truth is often so firm, she’ll speak it aloud when it would be much better not to. Subtlety – While Adjoko is very supportive and great at caring for others, she misses the small things, sarcastic twists of phrasings, the pleas of the overly polite.
Ambitions She wishes to discover something in space that will change the way humanity views itself for the better, and study/write on that discovery so even children can understand what it truly is.
Hobbies & Interests Linguistics and foreign cuisine.

Personal History Family Unit: Born to Kamal and Olaide Olubunkonla, Adjoko was the third of five children. In birth order they were Danae, Jahi, Adjoko, Vicolet and Kwesi. Growing up, the family spent much time expressing the importance of service, especially amongst the military where their father had dedicated his life. Their mother was a professor on Starbase 2, a well known medical/research facility. Her parents enjoyed saying their chances of meeting were astronomically small. Seems like astronomy wanted them together.

Adjoko was born the third child of five. Some of her siblings were more forceful, some smarter and some more creative but Adjoko was the one who caught everything. She was the one who remembered everything for everyone. She was the one who was always trying to help, her empathy flowing forth from the curiosity that flowed forth from her. Adjoko was often called her mother’s shadow. She has an assortment of happy memories playing with children from all different places and walks of life. She took to language early and adored talking to others in their home tongue.

Over time, she went to school, found spending most of her time watching her mother work, birthed an intense curiosity and love of science. Her own attentive eyes made her excel. She was a shoe-in to both follow in her father’s footsteps and to honor her mother’s intense study.

Right before her graduation, her father died. With two children already in the service, Adjoko entering it, and two others dreaming of life amongst the stars; Olaide changed. She grew colder. One drunken night, Adjoko overheard her claim there was something about her father’s death that she can never share. Adjoko never asked. Adjoko has no idea how she could. Kamal’s death was enough to create a split. Olaide left the starbase and moved to Earth, vowing never to be involved with Starfleet again. What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, left her mourning her dead father as her mother left, demanding Adjoko abandon her life’s dream if they are to ever speak again. Adjoko poured herself into duty.

Five years (to the day) after the death of her father, Adjoko was sent with an away team to investigate the strange fauna they found on the world below. Eager to be one of the first to use the new transporters on the Enterprise NX-01, she stood on the platform, a strange energy storm kicked up from the planet below. It interfered with the transporter. For those below, it seemed like she blinked into and out of existence, before finally appearing before collapsing to the ground. Unknown at the time, the planet had a pulse of temporal energy contained in its core that would burp forth to the surface in periodic storms. For the locals, it was simply a strange coincidental event where leaves might rot if you stood at the right spot in the middle of a storm, or someone may grow a tiny patch of white hair despite being a child. It appeared very differently to her.

Adjoko felt herself slowly reconstructed, one piece at a time, nerves taking in sensation as soon as they existed. The Doctor aboard the ship would state that certain cells in her body seemed to be a couple years older than other body parts. When she finally fully formed, the world fell back into time around her. When her description of events was compared to planetary records, it became clear that she was the ghost who haunted that patch of wilderness for the past two hundred years, appearing to strangers at random points in time. She just saw time spinning backwards impossibly fast before slamming into some sort of boundary. That’s when she collapsed. She’s been quite hesitant to take transporters since.

After the transporter incident, she took a little time off to visit her mother. They repaired their relationship, geeking out over the varied theories her mother was studying and the specific things Adjoko had discovered that weren’t classified. She also received updated information on all her siblings, including her younger sister who took her father’s death as a sign to find a life outside of Starfleet.

When she returned to work it was at a new posting where she wasn’t very popular. Despite this, she put in as much work as possible. Most interestingly, she ended up solving a ship saving crisis in the engineering department despite not working there. When one of the engineers ordered differently than they normally did at the ship’s lounge, she went up to him and asked if it was because of a rare disorder she remembered her mother once talking about. He was angry at first before she began pointing out symptoms he didn’t have when she met him but had been showing as of late. Spooked, he went to see the doctor who confirmed the symptoms but not the disease. They brought Adjoko into the inquiry and discovered a leak that had remained undetected. The leak would have been enough to cripple the engineering department, and left unchecked the entire ship. She assisted in the containment effort and received the rank of Lieutenant Commander. At the time there was an opening for a chief Science officer with the Intrepid and with her new rank, she felt confident in applying for it. That confidence is why she’s here today.
Service Record Cadet 2144 – 2147 Sciences, United Earth Starfleet Academy
Ensign 2147 – 2148 Science Officer, Mars Colony
Ensign 2148 – 2150 Science Officer, UES Horizon
Lieutenant JG 2150 – 2151 Science Officer, UES Horizon
Lieutenant JG 2151 – 2152 Science Officer, Enterprise NX -01
Lieutenant JG 2152 – 2153 Family Leave
Lieutenant 2153 Science Officer, SS Seattle
Lieutenant 2153 – 2157 Assistant Chief Science Officer, UES Seattle
Lieutenant Commander 2157 – present Chief Science Officer, UES Intrepid NX-07