Petty Officer, 1st Class Magdalena "Molly" Crawford

Name Magdalena "Molly" Crawford

Position Propulsion Systems Specialist

Rank Petty Officer, 1st Class


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Sexuality Bi-Sexual
Faceclaim Madelaine Petsch

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4.7"
Weight 176lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Molly is short, petite and quite beautiful. She has your typical red-head features - she keeps her hair long (down to the mid of her back). Although much of her work is physically demanding, Molly still takes care and pride in her femininity - she often wears light makeup and when she does dress in civilian clothes, one would hardly recognize her in comparison to her in standard duty uniform.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Master Chief Petty Officer (UES) Malcom Crawford Sr.
Mother Neve Crawford
Brother(s) Malcolm Crawford Jr.
Jenson Crawford
Harrison Crawford
Sister(s) Lt (UES) Celiegh Crawford

Personality & Traits

General Overview Molly has a fiery personality - one befitting of her hair. She has a hard time maintaining her opinions to herself, even if they differ drastically from those around her. There are often times she will say what is on her mind, regardless of the circumstances, this trait has on occasion caused some trouble for her. Molly is passionate about her convictions and is dedicated to her career and field of expertise. She can be quite social and enjoys any gatherings where this is liquor and dancing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Molly has a natural talent when it comes to mechanics and propulsion physics. She is quick to problem solve as well. This has made her a well respected expert in her positions on board ships. Unfortunately her temper and stubborn nature have offset these qualities.
Ambitions Molly desperately wants to get officer candidacy and pursue a continued career in United Earth Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Molly loves working on old combustion engine automobiles and bikes. She did this as a hobby with her father when she was growing up. She also loves partying, drinking and anything in a social crowd where there is potential for things to get wild.

Personal History Molly had a country-style childhood having grown up in rural Ireland. She was raised with her twin sister Celiegh and three older brothers - which made for busy times and lots of fighting. Unlike most twin-siblings, Molly and Celeigh never really got along growing up and were immensely competitive.

Molly was especially close to her dad - an interest in mechanics and engineering was instilled upon her from a young age and derived into a deep passion and the career she is in now. She was much less close to her mother though, unlike her sister, though this did not mean she didn’t love her. She was also never afraid to get rough with her brothers growing up and put them in their place, if they dared to cross her.

When it came to schooling - Molly did struggle to apply herself, she was immensely popular with her fellow classmates and this did lead to struggles in balancing an active social life with academic commitments during her youth. This came to a head when her sister was accepted into Officer Candidate School and she was not when they both wanted to join Starfleet - this is a sore spot to this day with Molly, who is jealous that her sister has held a commissioned career.

Molly did however earn her way on board the Enterprise, through her hard work when she started her career on the Daedalus. Her family were immensely proud of her and she served without too much trouble on board the Enterprise straight through until the beginnings of the Romulan-Earth war.

Molly transferred to Atlantis in 2156 to help replenish a turnover in crew and hold the Engineering department together. Her vast array of experiences through her years of service on Enterprise made her a desired acquisition for the Atlantis CO. She missed her crewmates on Enterprise but had enjoyed a change in scenery.

After the Atlantis sustained heavy damage in a battle with the Romulans - Molly took several months of medical leave in order to recover from extensive injuries received from the engagement. She enjoyed her time at home with family but missed life on a starship, something she had become accustom too.

In early 2158, Molly received transfer orders to take on a senior enlisted position within the newly refitted Intrepid NX-07. Her familiarity with the NX-class and the propulsion and warp systems would come in handy to serve ship and crew. She tried to fight the transfer orders, having desired to return to the Atlantis once it was finished repairs but her request was denied.

Service Record 2148-2149: Starfleet Academy: General Enlisted Training
2149-2149: Starfleet Academy: Propulsion Systems Training
2149-2151: UES Daedalus: Propulsion Systems Specialist (CRW-PO2)
2151-2156: UES Enterprise NX-01: Propulsion Systems Specialist (PO2-PO1)
2156-2158: UES Atlantis NX-05: Propulsion Systems Specialist (PO1)
2158-Present: UES Intrepid NX-07: Propulsion Systems Specialist (PO1)