Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Umbilical Connects

Deck 2

Science Labs, Computer Core (Third Level), Deuterium Tanks

Deck 3

Science and Engineering Labs, Computer Core (Second Level), Stage One Plasma Accelerators, Maintenance and Fabrication Facilities, Waste and Waste Water Recycling Systems, Gymnasium and Recreation Facilities, EPS Power Taps, Deuterium Pump and Conditioning Systems, Dorsal Observation Gondola

Deck 4

Secondary Engineering Room (Second Level), Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold (Experimental Warp 6 Engine), Computer Core (First Level), Transporter Bay One, Junior and Enlisted Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporter, Matter /Antimatter Injector Assemblies, EPS Distribution Manifold, Command Center, Main Aft Observation Room

Deck 5

Sickbay, Shuttle Pod Docking Bay and Support Facilities, Launch Bay, Secondary Engineering Room (First Level), Secondary Deflector, Plasma Accelerators Stage 2 & 3, Impulse Rockets, Officers and Enlisted Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Decon Chamber, Mess Hall, Captain’s Mess, Galley, E/V Staging Area, Medical Labs, Life Boats, Hydroponics Bays, Main Airlocks/Docking Ports, Warp Nacelle Repair Bay, Warp Plasma Coolant Distribution Manifold, Laundry, Morgue

Deck 6

Armories, MACO Training Facilities, Spatial and Photonic Torpedo Storage, Outer Launch Bay Doors, Brig, Secondary Antimatter Containment Storage, Main Weapons Locker, Planetary Science Labs, Ventral Observation Gondola, Primary Refit Hull Umbilical Connection Point, Docking Latches, Exterior Warhead Loading Hatch

Deck 7

Ambassadorial Suite, Main Guest Quarters, Planetary Sensor Array, Sensor Processing Systems

Deck 8

Enlisted Crew Barracks, Enlisted Crew Lounge, Deuterium Tanks, Deuterium Tank Fill Ports, Warp Field Governor Emergency Plasma Vents

Deck 9

Warp Field Governor, Warp Plasma Control, Warp Plasma Manifold, Aft Refit Airlock, Deuterium Tanks, Deuterium Control Room, Deuterium Pump, Forward Sensor Array

Deck 10

Main Engineering Room (Second Level), Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold (Experimental Warp 6 Engine), Matter Injector Assemblies, Deuterium Conditioners, Machine/Fabrication Shop, Main EPS Manifold, Aft Refit Side Airlocks, Chief Engineer's Office, Warp Field Theory Lab, Coolant Manifold, Tractor Beam Control Room

Deck 11

Main Engineering Room (First Level), Reactor Control, Antimatter Injector Assemblies, Deuterium Conditioner, Coolant Regulation Pumps, Main Refit Plasma Coolant Tank, Main Deflector Dish, Deflector Beam Generator, Tractor Beam, Tractor Beam Graviton Generator, Tractor Beam Subspace Field Initiator, Forward Refit Side Airlock, Refit Hull Lateral Sensor Array, Aft Ventral Phase Cannons

Deck 12

Antimatter Conditioner, Antimatter Stabilization Matrix, Transporter Bay Two, Refit Hull Computer Core (Second Level), Life Boats, Water Storage Tanks

Deck 13

Officers Quarters, Refit Hull Computer Core (First Level), Subspace Mechanics Lab, Transport Pattern Buffer

Deck 14

Primary Antimatter Containment Storage Bay, Antimatter Monitoring Room, Sensor Data Processing Lab, Enlisted Officers Quarters, MACO Training Area, MACO Barracks