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Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 1:16pm by Major Viktoria “Spectre” Yu
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Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Earth | Colorado, America | Earth Military Intelligence HQ, Cheyenne Mountain MACO Complex
Timeline: Day 1 at 1100

[February 1, 2158]

General Duresh Singh was a rather unassuming man at first glance. He was small and slender for a MACO veteran and his well kept beard and finely combed moustache gave him a more the appearance of some greatw sage or philosphy professor, rather then the head of Assignments for the Joint Operations Space Initiative...though the MACO camo of his uniform, complete with a matching standard MACO briown for his turban, did emphasize the truth of his position.

General Singh had a long history with the Military Assault Command Operations forces, having been a member of one of its first organized units after the formation of the United Earth Military forces. He had seen a fair amount of action in the field to be sure, but his strength had always been one or analysis, planning, and logistics. He could pour over a report chocked full of details, eliminate the superfluous, and reconfexualize almost as fast as his eyes could trace the letters on the page itself...likewise, if a report had almost no details, he had the uncanny ability to figure out what had been left out and who he would have to track down to confirm his suspicions with a record of unerring accuracy.

It was this last skill that had been in play for the past week and now found him sitting at his office desk, across from the svelte figure of one Major Viktoria Yu, who stood at attention in her own MACO uniform, hands resting behind her back and her angled features staring directly ahead at some arbitrary fixed point on the wall behind Duresh. An officers attention stance.

“Major Viktoria Lin Yu, “ he began, addressing the woman with a voice that was rich and smooth like a foggy tea, accented with the remains of his native Gujarati inflections. “You’ve been working a desk job for military intelligence for the last few weeks, correct?”

“Yes sir, General.” Viktoria replied, her voice crisp and kept devoid of emotion. Clear statements delivered as facts only.

Singh took note of Yu’s delivery and then continued, picking up a data pad to reference. “And before that, it says here that you were assigned as security for a remote research outpost on...Titan? For over 3 years?”

Yu continued with her cold calm as she repeated her previous answer again. “Yes sir, General.”

Yu didn’t allow herself to show it, but she felt a small sink in her heart. Lying and deception were part of her job and had been for a long time...but it was still a bit demoralizing to have to do it for a superior, especially one she held actual respect for.

“And that is after serving in the Jay-Oh-Essy program on two Starfleet vessels: The Republic and the Challenger.” Duresh plodded on, scrolling down the report with his watchful eyes. “...and that last one is of special note...distinguished conduct, recognition from the Andorians and Denobulians, command experience with a starship on occasion...quite an illustrious tour in such a short time...”

“Thank you, sir.” Yu responded, burying her rising concern under that professional veneer.

“A very short tour though. Shortly after the recommendation for that distinguished conduct medal came in, you got transferred off the Challenger and put in charge of security for some backwater research outpost on a frozen moon mostly used for low-Grav and EVA operations training...and according to your records here, you have been there for the past 3 years.”

Duresh sighed and placed the records pad down on the desk. “...must have been restful at least. Nothing but routine reports for three years. Barely even mentioned the ice quake that happened back in ‘57.”

Merde. The Major silently swore to herself...the records department had gotten complacent. Too normal was also an abnormality itself.

“...and then you are back on Earth, running another deskjob. One of MACO’s top field operators, in a time of war, being benched at a desk.” Singh shook his head and slowly stood up. “It is disgraceful. Suspicious and disgraceful.”

“Sir, if I may-“ Yu started to offer, before being cut off by the General raising a hand.

“If you were about to offer an explaination for this situation, I would stop and ask you the following first: is it a convincing one?”

The Major allowed her visage or cold professionalism to drop, slightly. Her shoulders and whole stance, dropped their tension and relaxed, expelling out a somewhat resigned sigh.

“For you, General, I would highly doubt it...”

Singh echoed the sigh. “I’ve been in this job long enough to smell a cover up...and that means either a covert op above my clearance, possibly even a black op...or something that has someone high up embarrassed...and you are being punished in the sly for it.

“I have also been at this job long enough to know better then to ask which it is.” Duresh walked around the desk and over to the office window, taken a moment to stare out at the star field, as Yu allowed the rest of her readied nerves to relax at the General’s own resignation in the face of the inconsistencies in the record.

“Tell me Major, right now, how many projects do you have in your docket right now?”

“Six projects and two consultations, General Singh, sir.” Viktoria replied.

“Find replacement agents to take over your roles. You have 5 days to do so and tie up any other loose ends you have acquired in your short time here.”

“Is this a dismissal from the uniform, or just this assignment?” Yu asked, narrowing her gaze on the back of the general’s dark brown turban.

“Dismissal from the Uniform!?” Singh suddenly exclaimed as he turned about on his bootheels to once again face the woman. “Heavens forbid. I don’t care what sort of political shenanigans or landmines are bidding in those suspect three years...what I care about is the lack of officers with experience serving on Starfleet vessels in the field of battle right now...a worrying care that you are actively contributing to by remaining behind a desk each day!”

“Not to mention with actual command experience over those jumpsuit explorers...”

“You want me back in active combat duty then?” She reiterated back the General.

“Yes...look, Starfleet may have all the dressings of a military organization: the ranks, the uniforms...some of the weaponry, though that is being looked at more and more as these Romulans grow in boldness and commit to increasing their attacks on Coalition space and Earth assets.

“...but we both know it’s a facade of organizational labels and practicality...they are scientists, diplomats, and explorers. Not soldiers...even their security and armoury personnel tend to lack actual experience in combat at anything near this scale...but...”

The General paused and measured out his breath before resuming. “...but...they have the ships and technical knowledge to run them. They will need MACOs to fight for them, strategists to develop our responses to these mystery aggressors, and knowledge of the logistics and intelligence analysis to keep a proper war room or CNC running.”

“...and you want me for this, eh? Shaky records and all?” Yu asked with a slight frown.

“What isn’t shaky, Major, is that you are capable of taken up this job. You’ve done it before.”

“In a time of peace, yes...what are my alternatives here?”

“Resignation and discharge.” Singh’s answer was blunt and direct.

“Well, I am fairly certain that is not a option I’ll be allowed to take.” Yu mused. In truth, it wasn’t appealing either. The current desk job was only meant to be temporary, a place to cool off after her actual last op, where her handler(s) could keep a close eye as she stewed and waited for a new operation. In all truth, her short time in the job was already making her restless...Viktoria was never one to lay down and just accept such a limbo-esq lull in her career.

“So what assignment do you have in mind?” She finally said.

“Nothing concrete at this 5 days however, there will be several ships ready to take on new crew....including new MACO detachments.” Durseh replied as he made his back to his desk after a last look out of his window. "I want you on board one of those as both the Detachment Commanding Officer, and as a liaison between Starfleet and Colitition Intelligence...I believe the official title for that side will be "Strategic Operations Officer". or some such...Starfleet is coming up with the wording on that one."

"I suppose I should just count myself lucky then, that they didn't defualt to something more colloqiual, like 'Resident Spook'..."Viktoria offered a small smirk. "Anything else, General?"

Duresh sat back down and shook his head. "No, I think that's all for now...I will be have another meeting shceduled with you as the assignment details begin to crystalize more, to futher the discussion,'re dismissed for the time being."

"Yessir...and I'll have those replacements selected for you then as well." Major Viktoria Yu said with a salute, an about face, and then a quickstep march to the door which slid open as she approached. She then stopped at the point of egress and spun back around to offer the General a low bow. "...and thank you, General...I was indeed, starting to feel more than a bit restless behind a desk."

Duresh nodded and then waved the Major along. "Of course. Good luck....Spectre."


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