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"You Are Cordially Invited..." - Yu's Invitation: New Notions, Old Nostalgia

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:21pm by Major Viktoria “Spectre” Yu
Edited on on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:52pm

Mission: S1: Prologue
Timeline: Day 5 at 1730

What do you know about Starfleet’s Columbia Project?” General Singh asked as he sat down at the dining table in the flag staff lounge.

Across from him, Major Yu waited until he was seated before taking a seat herself a second later.

“Officially, only what has been released in the public statements.” She stated. “It’s a routine upgrade and refit of the NX hull with better power flow to the engines, improved deflector arrays, navigation systems, and more capacity for tonnage. Makes the whole thing look like sort of a catamaran by bringing back the concept of a “stardrive” section from the old Daedalus and hanging it beneath primary hull via nacelle strut extensions and a third central...neck...thing...”

Yu pursed her lips to one side as she found herself blanking on finding the correct words for describing the hull additions. “ have also been some internal changes to the primary hull layout to account for the additions.”

Duresh nodded. “A succinct summary, yes...”

The General paused as the doors to the mess whisked open and a MACO corporal in a dress uniform entered with a small trolley. The young MACO took several dishes from the trolley and placed them out at the table for the two senior officers, bowed and then left after the General wordlessly dismissed him.

Duresh removed the dome cover to his dish, revealing a vegetarian curry dish over noodles. He took a moment to savour the thick aroma of saffron and tumric that wafted up from the food before looking back up to the Major opposite. “And what about unofficially? Off the record?”

Viktoria removed her dish’s own domed cover: halibut in a crispy beer batter with a side of fries. She was some surprised that her order had actually been fulfilled: halibut wasn’t always available at a MACO posting, even for the brass.

“Unofficially, I have heard rumours, even confirmed some of them...” She answered as she applied her own spicing: salt, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. “I’ve also had to decrypt some of the engineering reports in my short time here.

“The truth is, the Columbia project is a full on combat upgrade...takes the exploration vessel with a weight class comparable to small frigates in other stellar navies and adds more teeth and better defenses to bring her up to the cruisers...well, in theory at least.”

Yu took a moment for herself to cut into the breaded filet and take a bite of the soft white fish beneath. The staff chef had done quite well, and Viki found herself lost a second in the nostalgia as the taste of halibut brought back memories of her childhood visiting the vintage chip trucks in the Greater Toronto Metroplex.

“Some of the upgrades can also trace their origins to adaptions from the other Coalition powers...and the there has been a rush to get as many out of the dry docks as quick as possible due to the attacks by the Romulans...hopefully that rush won’t result in any technical errors being overlooked.”

Duresh carefully and deliberately ate each bite of his food, to minimize messing up his moustache and beard with the curry sauce covered vegetables and noodles. “You seem to have a decent handle on things...good.” He responded between bites. “The other role is to serve as flagships for task groups and attack wings...and that is the role the new Intrepid will be fulfilling when it launches in the near future...they will have a full complement of MACOs attached and you will be commanding them as the ranking military officer on board.”

Yu nodded. “Understood. Intrepid...that’s Captain Dawson’s berth, yes?”

Duresh winced slightly and placed his utensils down so he could fold his hands with his elbows resting the table. “That was...once the case, yes. There has been a change to the original plans for the Intrepid’s command structure.”

“Oh.” Viktoria also placed her knife and fork down and leaned forward towards the General.

“It seems, that Commodore Roya Eskandari has been...placed in command of the Intrepid’s task group and planted her flag squarely through the Intrepid’s bridge.”

“Eskandari...” Yu leaned back as she absorbed the news. She had heard the occasional gossip about the Commodore mostly from the Starfleet liaison officers at the base, as well as the decrypted reports and signals chatter that had come across her teams’ desks.

“Yes...and that brings me to the second role you will be assigned.” Duresh took a sip of water and then wiped his moustache with a serviette. “As the highest ranking military officer, you will also have clearance second only to the Commodore herself...and your history with military intelligence and signals, makes you more then qualified to serve as the liaison between Starfleet and this branch.”

“You want me to serve in the capacity as a military intelligence liaison to the Intrepid and Commodore Eskandari?” Yu extrapolated with a cocked eyebrow.

“Effectively...though Starfleet doesn’t like the term ‘intelligence liaison’. Too cloak and dagger, or something like that...similar to how they are refusing the call the new NX refits, warships.” Duresh explained. “It also doesn’t cover the additional responsibilities you’ll have with the ship and her task group.”

“Huh.” Yu let her shoulders drop as she analyzed what had been said. “What exactly will be my role General? What is going on my service record, eh?”

“Congratulations, Major Viktoria are the first ‘Strategic Operations Officer’ to serve on a Starfleet Vessel.”

Duresh stayed this and then immediately returned to his careful eating of his curry, while Yu took a bit longer to return to her own meal...she was too busy pondering the future, to indulge in the nostalgia of the past.


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