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You Are Cordially Invited - Eskandari's Orders & Sadayoshi's Reaction

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:36pm by Commodore Roya Eskandari & Ensign Wakai Sadayoshi
Edited on on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:42pm

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Various Character Perspectives
Timeline: Day 5 at 0930

[February 5, 2158]

[Commodore Roya Eskandari]

Are you sure you want to leave all the comforts that this office provides, Commodore?” Commander Sylvie Bishop said in an unsure tone. She had served as Roya’s attaché for over two years now and had been genuinely disappointed when she learned that the Commodore was leaving headquarters and taking up a space-command once more. The Commander had come to admire the Commodore’s strength, straight-forward and hard-working nature. She had seen Roya stick-it to several senior flag-officers in their time together and rightfully so. She was going to miss that.

Roya sorted through a desk full of PADDs, a wide grin on her face. “Leave all this behind… For a job that will most likely see me dead by years end?” Roya looked up at Sylvie before continuing. “I know you’re probably thinking I’ve gone off my rocker Commander. Perhaps I have. Really though - what exactly do I have here to tie me down?” The Commander would know full well that Roya’s entire family had been killed during the Xindi attack. She literally had nothing holding her back from risking it all.

“It goes without saying ma’am. I will miss you. So will many others.” Sylvie sighed and started going over the PADDs that Roya had tossed aside, offering them a second pair of eyes before they would be discarded.

“It is nice to know that. I can assure you, however, there are probably just as many who are beyond happy to see me leave these parts.” It came with the territory, being someone who spoke up and went against the grain, only when called for though. Several heated moments in the past couple of years had seen her freeze in position within the echelon of United Earth Starfleet. There was no Admiral’s pip headed in her direction anytime soon.

“There you are!” Roya cheered as she found the last crewmember profile she had collected to have added to the transfer list. She picked it up and handed it to Commander Bishop enthusiastically. “Add that to the roster and send out the official transfer dockets Commander. I want to give my new crew as much time as possible to get prepared.”

Intrepid’s refit was nearing completion but had hit several hurdles along the way. The vessel would be ready to launch within the next couple of weeks, Roya remained confident that it would be even quicker than that - given Commander Ryan’s assistance and oversight now.

“Added.” Sylvie finalized the compiled list and with the touch of a few controls on the wall-mount next to Roya’s desk, the transfer orders were sent to the various officers who would be assigned to the Intrepid.

[Dr. (ENS) Wakai Sadayoshi]

“Wakai… Wake up…”

The newly minted doctor groaned as he felt his body being shook and the voice of his love Tobias echoing in his tired ears. He opened his eyes slightly to see the bedroom full of light. His own response to Tobias’ voice was to pull up his comforter over his face.

“Oh no you don’t. I know this is your day to sleep in but I think you’ll want to see this.” Tobias clawed at Wakai through the comforted playfully. “Your transfer orders just came through... You know me… I can’t help but look at your mail when it comes through.”

Wakai’s own heart-rate started to pick up once he processed the news. He shouldn’t have been but he felt an uncontrollable nervousness now. “I don’t want to know… It’s on some beater ship that won’t last a day out there on the front, isn’t it? I’m going to die…”

Tobias laughed and pulled down the comforter to reveal Wakai’s cringed face, attacked by the light of the room once more. “Yes… They put you on a Daedelous class vessel… It’s been nice knowing you!”

That was all it took. Wakai jumped up out of bed and ran over to the work terminal in their room. He quickly accessed his mail and skimmed the recent transfer orders that had come through to his personal starfleet mail-account. Only a day prior they had learned that Tobias would be assigned to Enterprise - something they had both celebrated.

“Medical Officer… UES… Intrepid…” Wakai’s read the words aloud very carefully and sighed in relief. “You’re an asshole, you know that?” He looked back at Tobias who was engaged in a fit of laughter.

“Well. It certainly got you out of bed. Congratulations on getting the Intrepid Doctor Sadayoshi….” Tobias stated this in a playful tone.


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