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A Surprise Visit [Part 2/2]

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:42pm by Commodore Roya Eskandari & Captain Mike Ryan
Edited on on Wed Aug 5th, 2020 @ 1:11am

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Orbital Facility | UES Intrepid NX-07 | Nacelle Work Area
Timeline: Day 4 at 1100

[February 4, 2158]
[Part 2/2]

Ryan stopped for a moment and pulled his now grime covered hands from the panel he'd been fiddling inside and rested his foramr on his knee as he turned to face the Commodore. He had requested being reassigned to a ship, but, had given up the idea for now when UES assigned him to sit in for the now disgraced space dock chief engineer. After a moment he smiled, "I'd like that very much, ma'am," he replied, having picked up on the change i demeanor, "I've wanted to get back into space, being dirt side just didn't feel right after a while," he added with a nod.

Somehow Roya thought that this was going to go different - that Mike may have put up a bit more resistance, some officers adored the coveted planet-side assignments. It pleased her that he was being rather agreeable.

“Well Commander. I’ll have you know that I am not the easiest to work with sometimes.” Roya tapped on a nearby control panel, which they had removed a panel in order to access and complete the work. “I rather enjoy having an Executive Officer who lives down in Engineering. Easier to stay out of my way.” It was true - two former XOs that she had served with both led the Engineering departments, it was something Roya had taken a liking too.

Mike chuckled, "well, I like being where I can kick things to make them work," he replied with a grin and reached back into the panel, "alright, I am going to turn the plasma flow back on in" he said before typing in his authorization causing the electronics whir to life, "and I'm not easy to work with either, the stubbornness from MACO has stuck with me," he added as he put his panel back on and wiped his hands on his uniform before looking back and letting out a satisfied breath.

He watched the Commodore work and gave an approving nod, she had not even hesitated the way most flag officers did. Ryan had come to see that most he'd met led from the rear, but, he could tell the new CO was one to lead from the front, "I appreciate you bringing me on," he said with a smile, "just be warned, I don't do sir and ma'am unless the situation calls for it," he added and extended his hand happily, already figuring she was comfortable with that since she had not so much as flinched at him addressing her familiarly rather than in regulation fashion, then motioned her over, "I was going to let you know about this after you were doing final inspection, but, do you notice anything about the warp coil size?"

Roya grinned as she processed Mike’s own admission to his own self-stubbornness. “Two stubborn command officers. I think we will make quite the team then Mr. Ryan.” The Commodore chuckled to herself lightly as she watched the display monitor closely, making sure the flow regulation maintained a steady pace. Roya tapped a few times on the controls, which engaged several diagnostic subroutines, designed to analyze the flow patterns in various frequencies.

“Just so long as you make sure the situation fits, Commander.” The old and seasoned officer gave Mike a playful wink and then accepted his offer of an extended hand. She gave him a firm and strong handshake - one that would probably be stronger than he would have expected from the old-woman.

After Roya took in his last comment, she raised a brow in curiosity. “Well. I hadn’t been paying much attention to it in all honesty. I was going to say something about the flow patterns though - there seems to be an increased demand... More than I would expect. I had attributed it to power distribution on the newly fitted stardrive section.” The Commodore disliked surprises, her face suddenly turned a bit more formal.

“Just what did you get up too already there Commander?” Her brow reamined raised, and she crossed her arms giving him a very ‘grandmotherly’ look.

Ryan gave her an innocent grin, "well......" he replied and reached into his shoulder pocket and pulled out a small PADD, "meet your new prototype warp six engine," he said proudly as he handed the PADD over, "if I'm going to do something I like to make sure there's maximum effort. I have a friend who works at the warp five complex and we got the project head to approve letting Intrepid take it," he explained then grinned bigger, "and little birdies told me you might like surprising the Admiralty, so, we worked it out that the paperwork wont get to command until the drive is already fully installed and integrated," he added with a wink of his own, "though, that said, I might need to see the CinC in about a week," he added with a chuckle.

He wasn't to worried, even before he knew about becoming XO he had a feeling command wouldn't do anything to bad to him. Anything more than a slap on the wrists would bring unwanted attention, and, between the dirty officer that had been arrested and the fact that the engine had needed a test bed anyway meant they'd want to keep all eyes away from Starfleet Headquarters.

“You sneaky bastard.” Roya closed the distance between them and gave Mike a playful punch in the upper arm, rather unprofessionally. This was followed by some genuine laughter - she was quite tickled about the whole thing really. She knew that the Admiralty had taken pleasure in denying her one of the newer Yorktown-class ships but to have this to dangle over them now - the first working Warp Six engine in the fleet. It was pure gold.

“You certainly know how to impress your seniors there Commander.” Roya stood back now, and shifted her body language to impress a bit more professionalism. “Just for the record. You try anything sneaky like that regarding me. I’ll throw you out an airlock.” She gave Mike a cheshire smile before she moved back over to the control panel on the wall, admiring it as if it were the Warp Six engine itself.

“Two questions, Commander. One… Will this delay Intrepid’s launch? Two… Are you sure we won’t fly this thing apart, will she handle the speeds?”

Mike laughed, "aye, ma'am," he replied after a second and watched as she looked over the PADD, "no extra time thanks to our thief engineer, we've already got extended time....though, I'm sure I can get everything set sooner," he replied with a smile, "I have the design team up here helping with the install."

Ryan pulled up a visual of the engineering section to show a couple of civilian scientists walking in with an engineering team, "as to your second question, I think she'll hold, and I'm literally staking my life on that now," he said with a chuckle and pulled up a simulation on a near by monitor, "the engine came with all the trimmings, including updated SIF generators, but," he said and looked up holding up a finger, "with it never having been field tested all I have is my educated guess saying no we wont fly apart," he added honestly, "but that's the fun of it."

The Commander sounded confident in his appraisal of the situation. There were risks in being the test-subjects of the upgraded technology though - several adverse events could take place, at cost of lives and potentially the entire Intrepid itself. Roya felt it was worth it though - if it would fast tract the perfection of this engine and see other vessels equipped with the faster engine, it could give Starfleet a much needed advantage.

“Very good Commander. Boarding is currently closed off to those except senior officers and engineering personnel, as you know already. I want this ship ready to fly by the eighteenth. Whatever resources you need are at your disposal, I’ll leave flag officer approval with the shipyard quartermaster.” Roya pushed a few more controls before closing off the hatch door and resealing the console. “Also. Do you mind if I hold onto this?” She said this and gestured to the PADD, giving context to her request.

“You’ll see your transfer orders come through tomorrow, as will the remainder of our crew. We will hold a formal senior officer’s briefing on the fourteenth at ten-thirty hours.” Roya wanted to give her newly minted senior personnel time to arrive before they all met in person formally.

Mike nodded, "of course," he replied happily then nodded, "aye, by the eighteenth," he repeated just so she knew he'd been listening to what she told him.

As they moved back down through the nacelle pylons and back to the primary hull he nodded as the Commodore filled him in, "sounds good. I'll spread the word to the senior engineers aboard to keep an eye out for tourists and get the security checkpoints updated with the new access restrictions, permissions and the names of our senior staff," he added as he stepped out of the hatch and onto the primary hull deck plating, "I do have a question, do you know where we're being sent? If the rumors about hitting the front are true I want to assign a special crew to just our armaments, give those some extra attention too," the new XO explained.

Though they hadn't known each other long, Roya had confidence in her abilities to be a fair judge of character. Mike seemed to have a steady head on his shoulders and was a very capable officer, the time they had spent together solidified her own decision process in selecting him as her Executive Officer. Now however - the tough questions were starting, unfortunately the Commodore did not have the answers Mike would be looking for.

"I would tell you if I could Commander. Starfleet Command has been very quiet on the particulars of our first mission. I get the feeling we will be assigned to front line defensive duties. I have a feeling these rumours you've heard will become truth soon enough." There was a slight ominous tone to her voice now - she knew if the Admiralty had their way, they would prefer she parish on some noble cause, never to be an issue for their ways again.

"Regardless of what we face. We have a formidable vessel here in Intrepid - made even better with the fastest engine in the fleet." She gave Mike a wide smile, more pleased with the thoughts of a beautiful Warp Six engine at Intrepid's disposal.

Ryan nodded, "copy that, I'll pull a few more teams to focus on weps and defensive systems," he replied with a thoughtful nod and leaned against the bulkhead and grinned, "and maybe I can find a few more things like the engine just laying around," he added, making an attempt to look innocent, "alright, ma'am," he started, hearing a group of officers coming up and deciding to slip into a bit more formal with them in earshot, "I'm going to go kick some engineers and possibly piss in a few Admirals cheerios, unless you need me for anything else?" he asked, his excitement showing.

"As you were Commander. We'll reconvene in the near future. Let me know if you need anything... Or run into any trouble..." Roya gave the man a polite nod before the two parted ways.


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