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A Ladies Barbecue

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 9:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Harper MD & Commodore Roya Eskandari

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: UES Intrepid | Deck 5 | Captain's Mess
Timeline: Day 11 at 1800

[February 11, 2158]

Roya entered her mess with a huffed breath - she had just had several unpleasant calls with starfleet command and was more than ready to put them behind her. She had changed into casual wear, a pair of pin-stripe slacks, a white flowy blouse and a form fitting suit jacket. It was time for her to formally meet with her Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Evelyn Harper.

Earlier in the day, Roya had met with Major Yu and the two had shared a brunch. The mess now smelt of hearty barbeque. The buffet table, instead of displaying various brunch items, now had an array of salads and steaming freshly grilled chicken breasts and ribs.

“Ma’am.” The young chief which had been busy catering to the Commodore’s needs all day, looked quite tired. He finished fussing with the table and turned around.

“I promise, the pomp and circumstance will be done in a few days. Thank you for your hard work. If this is the cooking I get to look forward to, I certainly have been blessed with one hell of a Chef.” Roya praised the young man’s efforts before dismissing him.

The table had on it a couple bottles of wine as well. Roya had requested such, namely because she herself felt in dire need of a glass of red. She poured a fair helping of a tasty shiraz into one of the empty wine glasses and savoured a sip as she stared out of the viewport.

A dinner meeting, what an idea, Harper approved and figured if this is how her new commander was going to roll then she approved. She herself wore civilian clothes though hers was a sundress matching her department color with a single thin gold flower outline on the skirt.

When she arrived at the mess she stood at the door for a bit wondering if she was supposed to knock or something. She couldn't remember a time actually being invited to a Captain's Mess before in fact she wasn't sure that she'd ever served aboard a ship that had one.

With a shrug she made her entrance into the room stopping near the door, "good evening, Commodore?" she said, not sure if this was who she was meeting for the first time though feeling it was likely.

Roya took note of her new CMO's entry and nodded in confirmation of her greeting. "Commodore Roya Eskandari. It is a pleasure Doctor Harper. Welcome on board the Intrepid." The Commodore extended her hand as she closed the distance between them.

"Thank you, it's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Please feel free to call me Eve if you'd like."

"Please. Help yourself." Roya gestured to the wine and beverage selection and buffet, before she moved over herself and poured a generous glass of shiraz. "I do hope you are not a vegetarian. Or vegan." Roya's face turned serious for a moment as she looked in front of them - her meal selection for the evening being rather unfriendly to both of the mentioned dietary lifestyles.

"Neither," she said. "I'm also quite fond of wine a nice selection you have," Eve said, as she smiled at the Commodore and then her glance turned to the buffett.

"I do hope you are not too disappointed to leave your current shore posting doctor. It is a grim reality at the moment but there is a dire shortage of medical personnel ship side. As I'm sure you've felt with such a junior staff in your department on Intrepid." Roya stated this after she sat down, a plate full of various samples from the buffet table. She sipped her wine delicately and eyed the doctor, in an attempt to get some sort of reading.

It was true. Currently Intrepid's medical department was mostly occupied by novice practitioners, with little to no practical experience. Much was the same on various vessels in the fleet. It certainly made her appreciative of having an experienced physician at the helm of her own ship's medical division.

"I had been looking to get back into space honestly, Earth was getting a little claustrophobic. I also love teaching and so not a problem there either. People who truly belong in the medical profession thrive being thrown into the fire and that is true of even our most junior personnel," Eve said, reassuringly. She moved first toward the wine on the buffet and began browsing the selection available.

"It is a good thing you carry that attitude Doctor." Roya said this and took another large sip of her wine. "I have a feeling that being thrown in the fire is what is fully intended for us." While command had been extremely tight lipped about the intentions for Intrepid and the flotilla group Roya was responsible for, she knew that it was a probable outcome that they would be shifted to the front-lines. It didn't scare her - this is what she wanted. There was very little she had left to lose in life - but she certainly did not want that to reflect on the crew that served under her. They were her family now, and she was responsible for doing whatever was in her power to keep them alive.

The two officers shared some small talk about their respective postings in Starfleet - each having put some personal touches to the rather objective list of assignments on their respective dossiers. It was a great start - Roya especially liked how energetic and personable Eve seemed to be.

"Have you had a chance to inspect your Sickbay space? Are things satisfactory? While the refit has seen many areas change over, they haven't done much to the original Sickbay that this vessel had. Why change what had worked?" While the space had expanded slightly, and received a refresh of equipment and furnishings. It was very much, essentially, the same Sickbay that Intrepid had prior to the refit.

"I haven't yet, actually," Eve said. "This is the first time I've been aboard the ship. I didn't even know if we were really allowed to be aboard. I'm curious to see if they've emptied sickbay or not and if we need all new supplies or to just go through and see what is still good from what they left," Eve mused, more to herself than to her boss.

Roya nodded as she dug into the selection she had picked from the buffet table some. "That's fair. Well. Do let me know if you get there and decide something is not right or missing. It'll be a short turnover in another week when Intrepid will be open for all crew, but I do not want you working without."

"Don't worry ma'am, I know how to be a squeaky wheel when I need to be," Eve said, with a smirk. "Me and the XO will be fine friends."

The two shared some more conversation, both professional and somewhat personal in some aspects. Overall the meal was enjoyed and the initial meeting went swimmingly in Roya's opinion.


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