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(NSFW) - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow [Part 2/2]

Posted on Thu Aug 13th, 2020 @ 2:16am by Ensign Wakai Sadayoshi

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Earth | San Fansico, CA | Wakai & Tobias’ Apartment
Timeline: Day 16 at 2330

NSFW Warning (18+) - Contains Mature Content

[February 16, 2158]

Wakai tumbled over one of the many packed boxes in the shared apartment. Moments later the large and muscular figure of his naked and aroused finance fell on top of him. It was the last night the two partners had ownership of the apartment they had shared with one another for the past year - a place which had become full of wonderful memories.

“You okay?” The sweaty, large figured Tobias lifted himself up above Wakai’s naked body in a push-up fashion, very much out of breath.

The two had downed a couple of bottles of wine together and shared a delicious picnic style dinner in their spartan and packed space. One thing led to another and they were now very much naked and engaged in sexual activity - one last hurrah together for what would be an undetermined amount of time.

Tobias would be headed to his new posting on Enterprise in the morning and Wakai would follow in two days to board the Intrepid.

“You’re a monster. Now shut up and get back in me.” Wakai grabbed Tobia’s back and dug his nails in. Within moments he could feel his lover’s rock-hard dick enter him once more with earnest - it caused him to inhale deeply and dig even harder. Wakai was going to miss this immensely - he didn’t know how he was going to adjust to not seeing Tobias, not experiencing the closeness and intimacy they often shared.

“I’m getting close…. Fuck…” Tobias moaned and continued to thrust into Wakai hard, the feeling of Wakai’s nails in his back driving him to the edge. His moans over time synched with Wakai’s and their eyes formed and maintained contact with one another. The two shared a true moment of bliss as each reached their climax.

Several moments later, Wakai draped a throw over both of them and snuggled into Tobias’ larger frame. His partner’s soft snore confirmed that he had indeed fallen asleep - as often happened when the muscular brute overexerted himself. The young physician chuckled to himself, still coming down from the rather enjoyable orgasm he had received.

He spent the new few minutes staring at Tobias as he slept. The lights of the city provided an array of colour and shadows in the darkened living space. ‘I really am going to miss this… Miss him... ‘ Wakai spent several more moments thinking about the day ahead of them, the separation they would endure - he snuggled in even tighter to Tobias before he settled to sleep himself.

[Next Morning…. 1000hrs]
[Starfleet Departure Station Echo, San Fansico, CA]

“Goodbye my husband to be.” Despite his own feelings of anxiety, and sadness to leave Wakai behind, Tobias put on a strong and neutral front. He did not want to be the cause of any further distress for his lover - he knew this was harder on Wakai than himself.

“I love you.” Wakai moved in for one last kiss and embrace. An announcement came over the speaker warning of a last call for Tobias’ shuttle pod, which would embark for Enterprise. “Stay safe… Please…” He had to let go of him now - this was the life both of those chose and was the reality they would live for the foreseeable future.

They could only continue to hope that the war would spare them loss of one another…


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