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Leaving anger behind

Posted on Fri Aug 21st, 2020 @ 3:04pm by Ensign Nikita Andreeva

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: NX-09 Avenger
Timeline: Day 6 at 1420

Nikita put the second bag in the shuttle pod. She was the only one passenger apart from the pilot, but it looked that they would be cramped together for the short duration of the flight to the transport ship. The interior was stacked up with containers that they were taking from the Avenger.

“Niki!” She heard familiar voice coming from behind.

She sighed, put a soft smile on her face before she turned around, and stepped out to face the XO.
“Commander.” She said with a nod and she could see that he didn’t like it.

“Don’t commander me!” He hissed at her through clenched teeth. “When were you going to tell me about leaving?”

Awkward. This is how ‘no strings attached’ suddenly gets strings. Nikita was hoping he would get it and would understand by now. Folding her hands behind her back she let her soft smile to linger a moment before she became more serious.
“Honestly, I wasn’t. You are the XO, you know I got the transfer…”

“Yes, but you could stay few more days and talk to me about the future. There will be another transport passing us soon. It would take you to Earth still with few days to spare.” He pointed out.

Nikita looked into his eyes and he had nice, deep eyes. She liked them.
“James…” She said firmly. “This was never going to work. This is the reason I need to leave now.” He was opening mouth inhaling deeply to interrupt and maybe even shout, Nikita saw it coming, but then the doors opened making him hesitate. She used the moment. “Listen, I like you. But that’s it.”

The XO face was barely containing anger now. It lasted just few seconds and then faded under the mask of a commanding officer. He turned to the approaching shuttle pilot.

“Commander Bradley!” The pilot raised his head from the briefing in his hands he was reading and stopped surprised. “Is something wrong?”

James cleared his throat.
“No. I was just checking personally that everything is ready for the departure.” The XO said to the shuttle pilot and nodded. “Carry on.”

“Yes sir.” The pilot resumed his walk, nodded to Nikita passing her and entered the vessel.

“Commander.” She nodded to James.

“Ensign.” His voice was liquid nitrogen-cold.

She stepped back turned around and without looking over her shoulder entered the shuttlepod.


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