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Homes sweet home

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2020 @ 8:30am by Ensign Nikita Andreeva

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Transport, Earth's orbit
Timeline: Day 11 at 0930

Nikita watched Earth coming into the view of her cramp and shared quarter. The travel to the Solar System was taking longer than expected. Fortunately, she had a nice companion. Kathy was more than a match for her extraverted nature and they had long night hours talking about all kind of thigs. Now, however as they neared the end of the journey, things seem to die down. It might be also because Kathy found herself a friend and she spent last two nights in his quarters mostly.

That allowed Nikita to spend more time just wandering the transport and meet other people. There were twenty on transfer in total, flying from various places back to Earth. There was also the crew. Then there was fact that the ship had very basic amenities and they did not include the gym, to her dissatisfaction. So she had to improvise to get a daily fix of physical activities.

Not able to wait longer, Nikita wrote a farewell message and left it on Kathy’s bunk, as she was getting late. Her shuttlepod was scheduled within ten minutes. Standing up, she straightened her uniform, picked her both bags and marched out of the room. Walking casually, she grinned to a guy who was ogling her, which made him blush and turn away. Shame. She saw him watching her all trip but having not enough courage to talk to her… he wasted an opportunity.

The shuttlepod was four minutes before time so when Nikita entered the shuttle bay, the pilot was already waiting for her and impatiently tapping his foot having everything else done.
“You are late Ensign!”

“I am not, Lieutenant.” Nikita replied with a soft smile trying to diffuse his irritation. “You are early.”

It didn’t work. The man folded his hands and gave her a stormy glare that made her regret she tried the casual approach. She didn’t do anything wrong. She was on time, but it seemed that the Lieutenant felt different. Nikita stopped in front of the man, keeping her soft smile but seeing her charm was not working, she sighed.
“I am sorry Lieutenant. I’ll make sure next time to be on time.” Or even before time, she added in her thoughts, to avoid escalating the situation.

The lieutenant frowned and turned around leading her inside the shuttlepod. Entering the vessel, Nikita noticed that other eight passengers were strapped in and just waiting for her. She smiled apologetically, feeling gentle blush appearing on her lips.


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