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Sudden Shift

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 3:25am by Commodore Roya Eskandari

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: UES Intrepid | Deck 1 | Captain's Cabin
Timeline: Day 14 at 1130

[February 14, 2158]

Roya tossed the PADD she held on the desk surface in front of her and sighed - she leaned back and rubbed both temples on the her forehead. She had been up and working since 0500 that morning on putting out several staffing fires for Intrepid. Part of her was not surprised at the fact that there had been several last minute positions which were now empty due to operations having stuck their nose in things. Roya should have known those bastard colleagues of her were not going to make it easy.

Perhaps it was NOT entirely their fault though - all vessels within United Earth Starfleet were currently navigating an environment where specialty positions were hard to fill. Staff pools within the fleet were thin these days - between having trouble recruiting officers and the fact that many had perished within conflict. Roya feared that the repercussions of this war would be felt for many years to come.

Most of her senior staff had boarded the ship now and were busy getting their respective departments in order. Roya had even had the chance to dine with several of them, in a rather fancy and private fashion - she did things differently and always had. It was what she firmly believed made her an effective commander of a vessel - her crew had genuinely been loyal to her in past postings. Roya made an effort to get to know those who worked under her directly - she needed too in order to fully trust those around her and the safety of her ship and crew as a whole.

Amidst her own thoughts there was a sudden and bright blue and purple flash in the small cabin space. It had blinded Roya just a moment - upon having her vision returned there was a tall, skinny and red-haired woman wearing a tight and black leather suite.

"Who... The..." Roya reached for her communications control on her desk, to issue an alert to security.

"Please do not call your security officers Commodore. You will find that your console will not respond anyways." The woman's voice was soft - without a threatening tone to it. "My name is Ingrid. I do not have time to explain things to you, at least not in the fashion I would prefer... For that I am sorry..."

Roya attmepted to tap at her controls, despite Ingrid's claim that it would not respond. The Commodore raised a brow and formed a furrowed expression as the console failed to respond. She stood in a defensive manner. "Ingrid.... What the fuck are you doing in my office... My ship... How?"

"Commodore... It is absolutely imperative that you come with me... We do not have much time, less than a minute... Perhaps even seconds... I am sorry once more - I will explain when we leave this place..." Ingrid looked around the space, a look of concern as to the presence of anyone else possibly being there. Upon confirmation that it was just the two of them, the stranger walked forward and placed her hand lightly on Roya's arm.

"This will feel weird... Everyone's first time does..." The red head did not even give Roya an attempt to protest - the same light that had followed her entry to the room ignited once more, leaving the captain's cabin space empty.....

....... 2 Days Later

Commodore Roya Eskandari had dissapeared from the Intrepid - without a trace. No explanation - no hint of struggle. Despite the attempts from the crew which were currently on board to find her, she was confirmed Missing In Action as of February 16, 2158. Commander Mike Ryan was promoted to the rank of Captain and placed in command of the UES Intrepid NX-07 in her absence.


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