Grudging Promotion

Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 5:46pm by Captain Mike Ryan

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: =/\= United Earth Starfleet Headquarters =/\=
Timeline: Day 16 at 1500

It had been two days since Roya had disappeared and a search of the ship, spacedock and Earth itself had revealed no traces or clues. Commander Mike Ryan now found himself on his way to see Vice Admiral Thomas Henneberry not only to answer for the intercepted prototype warp 6 engine, but now also for loseing the Commodore. Mike shook his head as he walked into the outer ofiice and reception area, "get in here, Ryan," the Admiral called from his office door before diappearing into the large room.

Ryan nodded and walked through the doors before holding out the PADD he had downloaded the search reports to, "still no sign of Commodore Roya, sir," he said without preamble.

Thomas snatched the PADD away and tossed it on his desk without reading it, "I'm aware, Commander," he replied simply. Truth be told Henneberry was fighting a smile, with that bitch gone not only could he put in who ever he wanted to command Intrepid but also could do so without his secrete coming out, "we've decided that she will be listed MIA."

Mike nodded and crossed his arms, he could see the smug look the man had, "I guess I knew that was coming," he said quietly, looking to the deck for a moment before looking back up, "what of Intrepid then?"

Henneburry moved around the desk and sat down, a grin now forming, "well, one, you will be demoted to Lieutenant for theft of Starfleet experimental equipment, and second, we'll be putting a new Captain on Intrepid...and new chief engineer."

Mikes jaw flexed as he ground his teeth, "with respect to the Admiral, the paperwork was signed, sealed and delivered, it was not theft."

Thomas sat back with a relaxed sigh, "maybe not entirely, but, you took the engine and installed it before the Admiralty approved it. We can't let that pass," he said, leaving out that they did not want someone who seemed to be trained by Roya anywhere near command.

"With all due respect, fuck off, Admiral," Mike growled and stepped forward, coming to the edge of the mans desk, looming over the Admiral, even from across the desk, "I did everything as required, it is not my fault you flags have so much red tape bullshit that you didn't get the forms in time to have a say."

"Tone Commander," Thomas growled and stood up, leaning over the desk, "you're luck you're not being sent to a garbage scow for the remainder of your service," he added, meeting Ryans eyes with a steely gaze.

Mike leaned over and put his palms on the desk, "how about I have my engineers walk off the ship, it's taken us weeks to get familiar with the engine, not to mention we had to tweak things to get it to work. Even the warp five complex engineers will need to take time to figure it out, and you schedualed a launch event in three days time."

Thomas seethed, did no one have respect for rank anymore, "are you threatening me?" he asked simply, not pulling his eyes from Ryans.

"No, just handing you the ruler so you can see if you measure up...I'm pretty sure my sticks bigger and exposing yours will just cause embarrassment," Mike said before standing up straight, "or, you can let me take Intrepid, keep the people most familiar with the engine in place and spin it so you come out smelling like roses in the face of disaster."

The Admiral was now grinding his own teeth, it wasN't nearly as good as blackmailing him with his affair, but, he couldn't afford not to launch Intrepid on time. With the current state of things and the Romulans knocking on the front door keeping the most advanced ship in the fleet drydocked was something he wouldn't be able to easily spin, "fine," he growled finally and reached into a desk drawer to pull out a black velvet box and tossed it at Mike, "get the fuck out, Captain," he said, not hiding the disdain in his voice.

Ryan caught the box between his hand and chest, "aye, Admiral, thank you, sir," he replied and turned to walk out.

Thomas watched him leave before turning to look out his window, maybe it was time for him to retire....