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Pulling Strings

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:41pm by Commander Mike Ryan
Edited on on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:41pm

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Earth | Bozeman, Montanna
Timeline: Day 3 at 1300

[February 3, 2158]

Mike took in a chest full of the cool, crisp Rocky Mountain air and smiled. He had been on a planet side colony before coming back to the shipyards, but, there was just something about the smell of Earth's trees and other greenery that no other planet he'd been to could replicate. The engineer smiled as he looked around at the evergreens and listened to the birds chirp away happily. Finally, his eyes settled on his reason for his visit, the grey building that was the warp five complex, the place where Zephram Cochrane and Henry Archer developed the fist warp five engine. Mike just stood and watched as scientists and Starfleet officers walked in and out, taking in the enormity of that site.

"You look like a fresh recruit seeing a starship for the first time, Commander," a deep, gruff voice said from behind Ryan teasingly, "ain't you supposed to be on a colony in the fringe somewhere?"

Ryan turned and smiled as he saw the bigger officer behind him, "Larry, haven't they cured that baldness yet?" he asked as he extended his hand to his friend.

"Har-har, I'll have you know Isabelle loves the bald look," Lieutenant Commander Larry Byrnes replied with a smile from under his red beard, now starting to show traces of gray, and ran his palm over his bare scalp, "what brings ya down? When you called it sounded like more than a tour," he said as he motioned for Mike to follow him.

"Geez, Isabelle," Mike said shaking his head, "it's been ages, how are she and the kids?" Mike asked, genuinely interested, but, using it to sidestep the question.

Byrnes looked at Ryan with a sideways glance as he scanned his ID at the door and motioned Mike through, "he's with me, Commander Mike Ryan, Starfleet engineering corps," he said then took the visitors pass and handed it to Ryan, "they're good, they all miss ya. Sam keeps asking when his uncle Mike is going to come see him. You should drop by while your back Earth-side, we can barbecue," he said as he held up his access badge at the lab entrance.

"I'd love to," Mike replied with a smile, "I'm going to be around for a while yet. I'm heading up Intrepids refit," he explained as they walked through the corridor of offices, heading to the warp lab.

There was a look of understanding in the taller mans green eyes, "I see now," he said and shook his head, "you know no ones supposed to know about it yet, it's still just a prototype," Byrnes explained and chuckled, "and why am I not surprised you know about it," he added as the two walked through a set of double doors.

Ryan grinned, "what can I say, being a command grade officer for so long had some perks," he replied with an innocent shrug, "though, drinking with the local spook on the colony helped too," he added with a grin, "so, has it been tested yet?"

Byrnes just shook his head, "dick," he muttered with a smirk, "not as of yet, at least outside of here. We need a starship that's willing to test it."

As Byrnes finished talking they entered a large room with Starfleet engineers and civilian scientists alike were moving around a bronze colored cylinder. It had four struts, one coming out of each quadrant, and there was a low, pulsing hum. Mike just grinned and walked over, putting his palm on the metal, "hard to believe this is it," he said, an awe in his voice.

Byrnes grinned, "Mike, meet the warp six engine," he said proudly, "cruise speed of warp five-five, maximum warp of six-two. It has a maximum sustained field output of plus seventy-five Cochranes, deuterium and anti-hydrogen fuel and phase one reaction," he said and put his hands behind his back, clasping them, "good for at least one point two years before it needs service at normal cruising speeds. I don't suppose you know a ship that may want it?"

Mike looked over at the bearded engineer and smirked, "I think the new commander of the ship I'm working on would be ecstatic to get something like this," Ryan replied with a grin, "I am going to need to make the engine room a little longer, what, another four meters?"

Larry nodded, "aye, we had to add a little length and a bit of width for the matter/antimatter reaction and plasma," he explained then jumped up onto the control platform to pull up the full specs.

Ryan followed him up and flipped through the screens of information, "damn..." he said before looking over, "so, when can I get it and can we keep from telling the Admiralty until it's already in?"

Larry laughed, "I think we can do that," he said before patting Mikes back, "glad to see nothings changed and you still the overachiever," he said with a laugh as the two climbed down.

Ryan shrugged with a grin, "what can I say, if I'm going to refit a ship I'm not leaving it with it's five year old warp five engine. Not when there's a beauty like this out there."

Byrnes laughed and just shook his head, "c'mon, let's get the paperwork done and let you meet the project head," he said and motioned back through the doors they'd entered from.


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