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A Surprise Visit [Part 1/2]

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 2:41pm by Commodore Roya Eskandari & Captain Mike Ryan

Mission: S1: Prologue
Location: Orbital Facility | UES Intrepid NX-07 | Near Engineering
Timeline: Day 4 at 1030

[February 4, 2158]
[Part 1/2]

“Commodore. We weren’t expecting you.” A young male Lieutenant practically squealed with anxiety as he followed Roya like a lost puppy down the corridors of the Intrepid. Roya had arrived, unannounced in order to inspect how things were progressing towards the later days of the Intrepid’s overhaul. It had been a couple of days now since she had been informed of her new command - the Intrepid was no Yorktown class ship but Roya was still pleased to take the centre chair of a freshly refitted Columbia-class vessel and one with an already established history.

The young Lieutenant, a logistics officer, had taken it upon himself to escort the Commodore, horrified that the vessel still looked very much in the middle of refit. There were exposed manifolds all over the place, pieces of conduit and sparks flying from welders. “Commodore. Is there anything I can get you? A drink? Would you like to have lunch in your mess?”

Roya stopped mid stride and glared at the young man. He was cute - fresh and green - but not hard on the eyes. “Lieutenant. Breath.” Her neutral expression revealed a slight humorous grin, only for a moment, before she continued. “I am here to see Commander Ryan. I know how to find him. I kindly advise that you turn around and continue about with your day.” More or less - fuck off - but in the politest of ways Roya could manage.

“Uh.. Yes.. I will do that.. Thank you ma’am!” The Lieutenant did not need any further direction, green he was but not so much that he could not pick up on the undertones of Roya’s statement. He gave the Commodore a polite nod before he turned on the spot and briskly made his exit.

Roya shook her head and chuckled to herself as she closed in the distance to Engineering.

Upon entering she took note around the room - the warp core was offline - there were pieces of bulkheads and conduit all over the place. The room was probably in the most disastrous state she had seen on the vessel yet. She was aware that Intrepid was currently having engine troubles - also that Commander Ryan had been seconded to help our with said troubles.

The room had taken notice of her presence as well, a loud “Commodore on deck!” having been screeched by the junior officer of the room. Roya raised her hand up, indicating a casual carry-on. She had looked up Mike’s profile before coming on board and was quickly able to identify him.

“Commander Ryan. Sorry you got brought into this mess. Although…” She paused a moment and took in the horrors of the room once more. “I feel that we are in dire need of your guidance. What exactly is going on? Do you know yet?”

"Piece of shit!" Ryan cursed and kicked the bulkhead under the monitor that had just gone dark for the tenth time in as many minutes.

The kicked caused the screen to come back to life at full brightness and resolution. Mike took a breath and shook his head as he pulled a PADD from his chest pocket and started typing a request for a new monitor, "mess is being nice...." he replied without looking back, "and they had to be dire to pull me from a colony three days away at warp four," he added then finally looked up, instantly straitening up as he saw the Commodore, "ma'am," he added quickly, "as to what's wrong......." he made a sweeping motion with his hand, "the last lead engineer worked like a snail, these parts sat in the cargo hold for nearly a month untouched."

Ryan motioned for the flag officer to follow him out into the corridor, "and most of these other parts he installed are obsolete, I think he was trying to sell the new stuff on the black market," the Commander added and put his hand on an engineers shoulder before leaning down to retrieve a power conduit that looked rusted and handed it to Roya, "we just pulled this out a few minutes ago and the repair logs said this was replaced brand new."

“Fucker…” Roya muttered under her breath, in a fashion where Mike would know it was not directed at him but rather the aforementioned former head Engineer. The bastard had been court martialed and relieved of duty, after several years of built up evidence had been gathered, although the events had been kept as quiet as possible. The fleet did not need such horrid public relations running wild. “I hate to say your suspicions were right, Commander. This war has brought out the worst in some of our officers. Opportunistic bastards.” Roya huffed and started pacing around.

“Listen. Commander.” She raised her hand in an almost apologetic fashion. “Intrepid’s transfer orders are being released tomorrow, once paperwork is finalized. I wanted to try and be as diplomatic about yours as possible.” She figured he could guess where this was going but she decided to detract slightly.

“I also wanted to ask you… Is there anything you can’t do?” She chuckled, referencing his service record and various career paths. “You remind me of the old days, when we used to have to act as ship’s engineer, medic and pilot in the Earth Cargo Service.” That being said, Roya moved to one of the nearby consoles which had started alarming - warning about some power fluctuations. She tapped away on the controls for a few moments, regulating certain flow pathways which corrected the error and facilitated a stop in the beeping.

"I can never get a souffle to rise and not collapse," Ryan answered with a smirk and without missing a beat as he squished his palms together to demonstrate his subpar cooking skills, "I love to learn, and the skills I picked up seemed to be what would keep my options with Starfleet open, the particular ones I have are all in demand even more as we push the boundaries and explore," he added as he handed the power conduit back to the engineer he took it from.

He walked forward with a smile, "I'm guessing you had at least engineer in your own portfolio," he added and motioned back to the monitor, "which means you don't just sit on the bridge with your coffee and you like getting your hands dirty?" he asked, deciding not to press about his orders just yet, as they stopped next to a jefferies tube entrance and he opened the hatch, "I could use a hand installing the warp coil upgrades for the new engine in nacelle two if you have some time?"

“Something else we share in common then.” Roya’s mind rushed through varying visuals of many of her own disasters when it came to cooking over the years. For a moment, her mind stopped on the visual of her son who used to make the funniest faces at some of her concoctions. A fond thought - although she attempted most times to quell anything directed in the way of her passed on family members these days.

As Mike continued, Roya grinned. She could tell he was a seasoned officer - also that he was confident in himself and his abilities. There was very little attempt to formalize everything or stay on guard, in reflection of her flag officer rank. It was one further reason to add to her mental list that she had made the right call in placing him as her next-in-command, unknown to him in the present at the moment.

“I do enjoy coffee, but I prefer getting my hands dirty even more.” She gestured for him to lead the way.

During their transition the two shared some stories about their past duty assignments - Roya confirmed his assumption in having some Engineering background as well. Although not anything formal - most officers that had spent as long as she had in the Earth Cargo Service had a varying portfolio.

The two were only several moments into their work when Roya decided it was the optimal time to bring up the true purpose of her visit to Mike in Engineering. “So. Commander.” Roya’s tone turned a slight more formal as she passed him a coupler, “You are going to receive some transfer orders tomorrow that will place you as second in command of this vessel and also as its Chief Engineer…” There was a pause for a moment before she continued, “Is that something that will be agreeable with you?”


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