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Grapes of Conversation

Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 1:14am by Lieutenant Commander Evelyn Harper MD
Edited on on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 1:14am

Mission: S1: Prologue
Timeline: Day 5 at 1830

[February 5, 2158]

“It would figure that you would go back to space the second I get an assignment here back on Earth,” Kim, said as she looked around her cousin’s apartment now void of any. “Seriously, we’ve been wanting to serve together forever.”

“It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming my tour was coming up and I made the request to go to a ship months ago,” Eve said, with a roll of her eyes. “Come into the kitchen,” she said. “Most of this furniture came with the apartment and not my problem, thankfully,” Eve said as she motioned to her kitchen table.

“That does make it easier, I have to go to my storage and check on all my possessions that I haven’t seen in years. It’s kind of weird really,” Kim said, as she pulled out a chair and took her seat. “And we are actually going out tonight, aren’t we?”

“Of course, but I need to get this finished off before I leave... so I thought I would share a glass with you before we went out,” Eve said, taking from the refrigerator a bottle of wine and holding it up. It was their favorite and a bottle that had gotten them in trouble on a few occasions growing up.

“How could we let it go to waste?” Kim agreed. “So the Intrepid huh?”

“That’s what the orders say, it’s one of the new Columbia Class ships. I hear that we’re going to be heading right out to the front too so, there’s that,” Eve added, almost regretfully.

“We knew when we joined Starfleet that it could be a possibility to have to help defend Earth,” Kim pointed out, as she watched eagerly as Eve went about getting two wine glasses and pouring them each a ‘healthy’ serving.

“I think the possibility and the certainty are a little bit different, don’t you?” Eve said, sipping from her wine. “I’ve been out of space for a while so it will be a bit different going back this time without having my feet wet already. Not to mention the type of patient I can expect will likely be a lot different also,” she pointed out.

“It’s probably just a doctor thing to be this worried about stuff you can’t control,” Kim countered.

“Perhaps,” Eve shrugged. “But I do know that I’m going to miss drinking wine.”


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