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“What type of writers do we want on Star Trek: Intrepid?”

This is not the place for writers who do not enjoy taking time to compose quality work. Members of this SIM should have the ability to write high-quality and descriptive posts. Our writers should have a good understanding of the English language and written word. That being said – we acknowledge that everyone tends to have oversights in their writing (e.g. slight grammatical error, misspelling) – this is completely acceptable.

It is more enjoyable for our players when posts show great subjective/objective detail and facilitate a journey into the inner workings of a character. Basically… Messy writing will not be tolerable. There are plenty of other games out there if that is what you traditionally compile.

“What is the SIM-rating for Star Trek: Intrepid?”


Star Trek: Intrepid is an 18+ play-by-forum (PBF) simulation / RPG.

There are extraordinarily little restrictions on your writing within this game – sexual content is limited however, in that there are no explicit scenes of rape/non-consensual interactions. These situations can be implied but that is it.

This is an adult game – we are at war. Situations and details may be uncomfortably descriptive at times.

If you are NOT into that. Please. Do not join.

“So, you take place during The Earth-Romulan war?”


We are however a NON-CANON game.

This simply means that you – the writers – will determine the course that we take as the story progresses.

Will we win the war? Will the United Federation of Planets come to fruition?

That is up for the players to decide.

“What are the requirements for posting?”

Writers should endeavour to post 1 quality thread a week (~200 word minimum). More importantly however, if writing a thread with fellow crewmates, it is both respectful and necessary to reply to TAGS within at least a maximum of 5 days.

If you hold multiple characters – it is not a requirement to post for EACH character weekly. However – you should endeavour to keep the journey for that character moving. If you have a character that is not active, due to having too many, there really is no point in having said character… Right?

“How many characters can I play?”

We encourage you to develop multiple characters. However – all new members will start with one main character and the opportunity to bring an additional in right away.

The maximum character slots for players is 4.

A player may not hold more than one senior/department head position.

There will also be several NPC characters developed which you may use in your threads/post adlib – these do not count to player’s characters.


A new player joins and takes the reigns as Chief Communications Officer (with a Lieutenant character). The new player also wants to play a secondary character. They elect to propose a Nursing Officer character (with rank of Ensign). This is approved. The new player has two fully developed biographies for the game and can start writing both characters right away. 


A seasoned player currently writes Chief Engineering Officer, Medical Officer and wants to develop a Stellar Cartography specialist. This player does a great job at posting with both existing characters and is respectful in their replies to other players (re: 5 days). This new character is approved, biography is made, and the player can now write for all 3 characters. 


A player that currently writes for Chief Helm Officer and Armory Officer wants to develop a third character. The player currently struggles to provide a thread weekly and is late in their replies to crewmate’s TAGS. Due to the player’s struggle to maintain two characters – a third character is denied at that time. If the player can prove their interest / writing practices in the future, it may be revisited. 

Basically… A new and additional character to the game is on a case by case basis with several contextual factors.

“Why do you promote players developing more than one character?”

Simply put – you will have more to write and greater opportunities to interact with other players. This also enriches the overall story and universe – gives us various perspectives from all possible avenues.

“How do I catch up on the story?”

You read the forums and character posts. Each episode-collection will have main threads within that are pinned, these should offer opportunities to catch up on the most important aspects of our stories. The command team will not be spelling out events for you, so please do not ask.

“I want to play a non-human character. May I?”

Most likely the answer to this question is a solid no.

We shall have some non-human characters for sure, but this will be extremely limited, due to the nature of our universe. We are still United Earth and United Earth Starfleet – while there is an existing coalition of species (Vulcans, Andorians, Tellerites), we are still very much separated from an operational standpoint.

We need to maintain the realism in this.

If you are super committed to the idea of playing an alien species – we can explore it, just please do not set your mind to it.

There is nothing wrong with playing a human character. This is an exciting time in the Star Trek universe. Humans are still very much flawed and lacking in some of the altruism of future generations. Feel free to play on that!


  1. Read through this page thoroughly – also our Forum Simming Guide page - and finally the Rules page to see if how we play resonates with you.
  2. Register on the FORUMS.
  3. Contact the Commanding Officer (either through email [], on Discord, or through Private Message on the Forums) to discuss a position/character.
  4. Develop your character biography and submit for approval.
  5. Joining Application will be accepted after biography approved. Announcement will commence and you can start writing!