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Columbia Class NX Refit
Class Information

Explorer/Combat Cruiser




125 Personnel


Warp 5.5

Energy Weapons:

10 Phase Cannons, 4 Pulse Plasma Cannons

Torpedo Launchers:

6 Torpedo Launch Tubes


The Columbia-class was born out of the existing, and proven, NX-class design, and included retrofitted ships such as Enterprise and the USS Endeavour. In 2156, Enterprise was the first vessel to receive the upgraded spaceframe. The class was named, at the insistence of Jonathan Archer, after the first vessel of the NX-class to be lost in action, the Columbia.

Technical Specifications

Class Data

Affiliation: United Earth Starfleet
Type: Explorer / Combat Refit
Class: NX-Refit / Columbia Class
Launch: 2155
Refit: 2158


Length: 225 meters
Mass: 618,000 metric tons (approximately)
Decks: 14


Standard Crew Compliment: 125
Maximum Crew Capacity: 135
Passenger Capacity: 4
Emergency Capacity: 220

Ship Systems

Transport Capabilities: 4 Shuttlepods (2 active; 2 stored)
Transporters: 2 Matter/Energy Conversion Transport (Maximum Capacity: 6 people per transport cycle)
Emergency Capabilities: 34 Life Boats (30 with 4 person capacity, 4 with 6 person capacity); 2 Shuttlepods (7 person capacity)

Propulsion Systems

Warp Systems

Warp Propulsion System: Warp 6 Engine (Experimental)
Standard Cruising Speed: Warp Factor 5.5 (Warp 6 Engine)
Maximum Speed: Warp Factor 6.2 (Warp 6 Engine)
Primary Power: Phase One Reaction (Matter/Antimatter)
Fuel Type: Deuterium and Anti-Hydrogen
Endurance (Unrefueled): Approximately 1.4 Years, Normal Cruising

Sublight Systems

Sublight Propulsion System: Two Fairing Impulse Rockets
Standard Sublight Speed: 1/3 Lightspeed (359,750,950 kilometers per hour)
Primary Power: 2 Paired Standard Plasma Acceleration Rockets
Fuel Type: Warp Plasma

Tactical Systems

Armament: 10 Phase Cannons; 6 Torpedo Launch Tubes (Spatial and Photonic); 4 Pulse Plasma Cannons
Defenses: Type III Polarized Hull Plating, EM Particle Shielding (Deflector Shielding)
Warhead Payload: 176 Photonic Torpedoes, 824 Spatial Torpedoes (Full Capacity)

Secondary Capabilities

Equipment: Tractor Beam, Dual Grappler Arm; 2 Inspection Pods; Deployable Subspace Amplifiers; Sensor Probes and Drones

UES INTREPID NX-07 Specifications.png

Deck Layout

Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Air Lock, Umbilical Hard Point Connection, Forward Observation Room

Deck 2

Computer Core, Umbilical Hard Point Connection, Deuterium Tank, Water Storage Tanks, Deuterium Fill Port Connection, Aft Dorsal Phase Cannons, Secondary Research Labs, Astronomical Science Labs, Cultural Anthropology Labs, First Stage Plasma Accelerator (Upper Level), Upper Dorsal Airlocks

Deck 3

Computer Core, Waste Water Recycling System, Inert Waste Matter Holding Tank, Waste Water Holding Tank, Engineering Lab, Physical Science Lab, Machine/Fabrication Shop, Dorsal Cargo Bay Doors, Gymnasium and Recreation Facilities, First Stage Plasma Accelerator (Lower Level), EPS Power Taps, Deuterium Pump and Conditioning System, Warp Plasma Transfer Conduit, Warp Control Processors, S/C OMS Computer Library, Water Storage Tanks, Upper Observation Deck

Deck 4

Transporter, Computer Core, Enlisted Officers' Quarters, Cargo Bays, Main Aft Observation Room, Cargo Grappling Arm, Junior Officers' Quarters, Launch Bay Deployment Arm Actuator, Enlisted Officers' Bathroom Area

Deck 5

Main Faring Impulse Rockets, Secondary Impulse Rockets, Sickbay, Launch Bay, Second Stage Plasma Accelerator (Lower Level), Third Stage Plasma Accelerator, Ventral Cargo Bay Doors, Officers' Quarters, Enlisted Officers' Quarters, E/V Staging Area, Inspection Pod Bay, DeCon Chamber, Mess Hall, Captain's Mess, Captain's Quarters, , Hydroponics Bay, Main Battery Room, Armoury High Bay, Airlock, Escape Pods, Galley, Thruster Quad, Deflector Dish, Cargo Lift, Forward Dorsal Phase Cannons, Barber Shop, Laundry, Warp Nacelle Repair Bay, Conference Room

Deck 6

Forward Armoury, Aft Armoury, Brig, Antimatter Containment Storage, MACO Training Room, Main Weapons Locker, Warhead Storage Magazine, Launch Bay Observation Deck, Lower Observation Deck, Weapons Analysis Lab, Planetary Science Lab

Deck 7

Guest Quarters, Guest Assistant Office, Planetary Sensor Array, Sensor Monitoring Station, Warp Plasma Coolant Tank

Deck 8

Warp Field Governor, Warp Plasma Control, Warp Plasma Manifold, Aft Refit Airlock, Deuterium Tanks, Deuterium Control Room, Deuterium Pump, Forward Sensor Array

Deck 9

Main Engineering (Second Level), Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold, Deuterium Injector, Anti-Matter Injector, Life Support Systems, Reactor Waste Processing Bay, Water Storage Tanks, EPS Distribution Manifold, Second Stage Plasma Accelerator (Upper Level), Cargo Transfer Shaft

Deck 10

Main Engineering Room (First Level), Reactor Control, Antimatter Injector Assemblies, Deuterium Conditioner, Coolant Regulation Pumps, Main Refit Plasma Coolant Tank, Main Deflector Dish, Deflector Beam Generator, Tractor Beam, Tractor Beam Graviton Generator, Tractor Beam Subspace Field Initiator, Forward Refit Side Airlock, Refit Hull Lateral Sensor Array, Aft Ventral Phase Cannons

Deck 11

Antimatter Conditioner, Antimatter Stabilization Matrix, Transporter Bay Two, Refit Hull Computer Core (Second Level), Life Boats, Water Storage Tanks

Deck 12

Ambassadorial Suite, Main Guest Quarters, Diplomatic Conference Lounge

Deck 13

Primary Antimatter Containment Storage Bay, Antimatter Monitoring Room, Sensor Data Processing Lab, Enlisted Officers Quarters

Deck 14

Storage, MACO Barracks